Chapter 42: LAST CHAPTER

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Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates, I'm afraid this is the end of Don't you worry child, But there will be a sequel!! :) enjoy the last chapter of Don't you worry child.

I just want to say, thank you for the support, voting and commenting and even reading my story. Thank you so much guys! :) It means so much to me <3

The next day,
You and Dean went to the park. You were playing on the play structure and Dean was smiling at you.

There were single moms and married moms looking at Dean.

You: Daddy!
Dean: What?
You run to Dean and he picks you up.
You hug Dean and he hugs you tight.
You: can we play catch?
Dean: sure.
Dean puts you down and he grabs a baseball out of his coat pocket.

Dean: Ready?
You: Go!
Dean threw ball lightly, you catch it.
Dean started cheering for you.
Dean: Throw it back!
You throw it hard and Dean catches it.
You and Dean kept playing catch then you ran to him and you "tackle" Dean.
You: I got you daddy!
Dean: You win! You win!

All the other kids and parents were looking at you and Dean.

You were tickling Dean. Dean started laughing.
Dean: I'm gonna get you.
You: oh no!
You run away from Dean and he chases you.

You: You can't catch me daddy!
Dean then picks you up and he spins you around.
Dean: Gotcha!
You started laughing.
Dean then started kissing your cheek.
You: Daddy!
Dean: What baby girl?
You: I love you. *smiles*
Dean: I love you too y/n.
You hug Dean and he hugs you tight.

You: Thank you.
Dean: For what?
You: For rescuing me, when I was kidnapped.
Dean: You're welcome y/n. I'm just glad you weren't dead when I found you.
You then hug dean tighter.
Dean: I will always protect you baby girl. No matter what.
You: Do you promise daddy?
Dean: I promise, baby girl.

Some of the little girls were eyeing Dean, they thought he was cute and they loved his voice.
You: daddy?
Dean: Yeah?
You: Can we go get some pie please? *smiles*
Dean: Of course baby girl. *smiles*
Dean then puts you on his shoulders and he holds your ankles so you don't fall. You were messing up his hair.
Dean: What are you doing?
You: Petting your hair.
Dean then chuckles.
You both arrive to the impala, Dean lifts you down and he opens the backdoor.

Dean buckles you in.
You: Pie time!
Dean laughs as he closes the car door.
He gets in the driver side and he starts the impala. He had AC/DC blasting loud and you both rocked out to Thunderstruck.

You both then drove away from the park, going to get your pie.

After you and Dean had your pie, Dean helped you with your homework. He helped you with reading,writing,math and french. Dean was even teaching you some latin.

It was 9:00 and you were sleepy.
Dean: Are you tired y/n?
You: Yea daddy.
Dean picks you up and he carries you to your room.
He lays you in your bed.
You: Daddy?
Dean: Yeah?
You: Can you make sure there are no monsters?
Dean: *smiles* sure.
Dean checked your closet and under your bed.
Dean: No monsters y/n.
Dean saw you asleep. You were snoring quietly. Dean pulls your comforter over you and he kisses your forehead.
Dean: sleep tight my princess.

Dean then leaves your room and he closes your bedroom quietly.

You began talking in your sleep.
You: Goodnight...daddy.

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