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An army of monsters... how could their luck get worse? Capricorn didn't know how until she saw that a storm was beginning and overhead. She really had to stop jinxing it.

" So I'm not even gonna say anything at this point," said Sagittarius who was just as speechless. Scorpio got out her sword and looked ready to beat the shit out of all those monsters. Capricorn however didn't like fighting, it just wasn't her thing and as she took out her sword with trembling hands she knew this wasn't going to be good.

They won the war before however, so maybe this wouldn't be as bad... she was wrong, as the monsters came closer she realized how dangerous they were.

The first ones approaching were as fast as Aries, Aries spun around and around them trying his best to battle but they were just as quick and small as he was.

" Great! Just great! The second I get out of my cell and now we have to fight? What type of luck do we even have?" Asked Libra throwing her hands up and trying to calm the raging storm above them.

" Bad luck," muttered Sagittarius and Capricorn had to agree with him, their luck fucking sucked.

The monsters raced out of the ocean and charged at the zodiacs, Capricorn went to stand beside Scorpio who looked much tougher than Capricorn felt.

Vines rose up and Capricorn used them to tangle the first three monsters who were stuck as Elena chopped them to dust, more vines erupted but Capricorn had to use her gem since she wasn't in her element.

Pisces most definitely was in his element, he had water crashing down on monsters and crushing them while Cancer froze the water making some of the monsters slip and then cracking he ice so that they were stuck in the cold freezing water.

It seemed to go alright at first but then a giant monster charged at Leo who ran as it started throwing giant boulders at him. Leo wasn't a coward but the face of that monster was so terrifying that Capricorn stopped to stare with her mouth open, the monster's face was made of rock but cracks appeared in its face, what was terrifying were the eyes which to everyone's horror flashed images of all the people they loved dead. Capricorn saw her and all the zodiacs lay dead on the beach in the eyes of that monster.

Suddenly Scorpio slapped Capricorn in the face making Capricorn snap out of the trance.

" Are you ok?" Asked Scorpio who chopped a monsters head off so quickly that all Capricorn could register was the fact that the blood had splattered on her face.

" Y-Yeah," said Capricorn feeling shaky, that had definitely been a terrible distraction because now Capricorn was battling three monsters at once, she didn't know how she was doing it but she found herself using the vines to strangle each monster that came near to her. The battle wasn't ending so soon however to the zodiacs dismay.

More monsters kept coming out of the water, would this be an endless battle? Scorpio kept going around giving everyone energy and keeping them going but after thirty minutes Capricorn and the others realized that something was wrong.

For every monster they killed three more came to the surface, they had to get out of here.

" How are we supposed to get out of here!" Shouted Gemini beside Capricorn, Virgo was as far away as they could have him from the battle scene however they had to leave him alone.

" Maybe we should make a run for it!" Shouted Capricorn thinking that maybe Virgo had seen someplace where they could hide. Gemini conveyed this message to the others and after a minute Capricorn shouted run and they all took off up the sandy beach away from the monsters that followed them. Sagittarius struck the ones getting closer with lightning and they continued to run fighting off monsters with their powers.

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