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charlie's pov
i open my eyes slowly as i feel the suns rays on my face.
i turn my head to the left and notice the sleeping form of my beautiful boyfriend. nick.
i lie there staring at him for what feels like hours but was probably only minutes, when he starts to stir and opens his eyes.
"hi" he says half awake with a soft smile "hi" i reply returning the smile.
he leans in to give me a kiss but i stop him "we both have morning breathe, kiss me when we've brushed our teeth" i say as he pouts at me.
"no" he says in a childish voice and kisses me "EW" i scream laughing and he starts laughing with me.
he rolls on top of me and continues to just stare at me.
"come on, we've got to get some breakfast" he says after about five minutes.
"fine" i say as he pulls me out of bed with him.

sorry this is really short but this was the only thing i could think of :)

have a great day <33333

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