Chapter 1

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"Ich muss durch den Monsun, hinter die Welt, ans Ende der Zeit," Bill sang into the microphone to three thousand cheering fans.

It was the final song to their concert in Berlin, and the crowd was going crazy, however before Bill managed to continue with the rest of the lyrics, he heard a loud screeching and scraping sound. As he looked up, he saw part of the lighting from the stage coming down while the screaming from the fans turned from excited to panicked.


He heard Tom's voice screaming somewhere behind him, but Bill wasn't fast enough to move out of the way and the lighting collapsed over him, burying him in a pile of electric wires and shards. He felt electric shocks going through his body and tried to scream at the agonizing pain, but no sound was coming from his lips. After what seemed like a painful eternity, he finally blacked out; the last sound in his ears was his brother screaming his name in fear.

With a soft groan, Bill opened his eyes and looked into the semi darkness. He was confused and somewhat scared, trying to remember what had happened; the concert... the lighting coming down on him... Tom screaming. Slowly he realized that he was still lying on the stage, but everything, and everyone else was gone. Had they seriously just left him there?

Carefully he got up to test his body, but it seemed perfectly healthy, without any kind of impairment at all. How had he managed to get away from that without a single scratch? He'd been in so much pain a moment ago.

The concert hall was deserted, and the lights were all out; the only thing he could see was the small, green 'exit' sign on the side of the stage.

"Hello?" Bill yelled loudly, but no one answered him. Not knowing what else to do, he headed for the door that would lead him backstage.

"Hello?" he yelled again, wandering through the backstage of the empty concert hall.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" a gruff man wearing overalls asked, sticking his head out of a door; "You're not allowed to be here!" he accused, walking towards Bill.

"I just had a concert here, but everyone left. What's going on?" Bill was completely confused.

"What concert?" the man snorted moodily; "Get outta here!" He grabbed Bill's arm and began dragging him towards the exit.

"Ow! Wait, where's my brother?" Bill tried to free himself, but the angry janitor just dragged him along.

"Don't you damn kids break in here again or I'll call the cops!" he snapped angrily and shoved Bill out the back entrance, shutting it behind him and locking it.

"But..." Bill muttered in confusion, rubbing his sore arm from the harsh treatment.

He looked around awkwardly, feeling a bit nervous; it had been a while since he'd been out on the street without bodyguards. He couldn't just walk around randomly, it would be a disaster; how could Tom just leave him there all alone?

Very slowly, Bill sauntered off the concert hall grounds, trying to keep his head down so no one would recognize him, but it was difficult; he was wearing his trademark clothes, make-up and hairstyle; any person would recognize him with that outfit. Even if their success was rather recent and had only just begun last year, in Berlin there were hardly any people his age who didn't know who he was; after all Tokio Hotel had been on the front of Bravo almost every week in the past few months.

Nervously he walked down the street, but people didn't seem to be paying him much attention; a few younger ones gave him funny looks or laughed, but that was about it.

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