Six months later




I step out of the elevator into the posh lobby. I'd just stopped to meet Eva who was not feeling well. I walk through the revolving door and leave the building where Eva stays. I pull my coat around and tighten my scarf around my neck as I start to walk away. For a change I decided to ditch my bug and take the bus here. So now I'd have to take the bus back to my flat. As I round up at the corner and cross the road I notice a black Hummer parked at the end of the street. As soon as my eyes land on the hummer I remember Zayn.

Well it's been six months since I last met him in Bradford at the park. My life is back to the same, college and stuff. And I hope his is too. Last I'd heard from the Internet that One Direction were in Germany for their tour.

As I near the Hummer the driver's side door opens and someone steps out. The first thing I notice are the black combat boots. Next my eyes travel up his black skinny jeans clad legs to his dark grey shirt. The full sleeves of his shirt are pulled up and I notice his tattooed hands. But as soon as I notice those 3 letters my eyes widen like saucers. His "ZAP" tattoo!! My head snaps up to see his face while I my stomach fills up with butterflies.

I jerk my head so quickly that my head starts spinning for a moment and it takes me a while to recognize the familiar smirk on that more than familiar and absolutely gorgeous face. His dark brown eyes are hidden behind a pair of shiny aviator sunglasses and his hair have got the "out of bed look" once again. My mouth falls open as I realize that Zayn Malik has once again barged into my life and is standing just a feet away from me. DAMN DESTINY I LOVE YOU!!! YESSS !! HE'S HERE!! FOR REAL!! My heart is about to jump out with the excitement!!

He holds my gaze as he walks towards me and closes my mouth with his index finger which was still open because of the shock. I continue staring at him.

"Destiny huh?" He comments as he bends down slightly.

I still continue staring without saying or doing anything. I don't even move. I'm practically frozen. I just hope I'm not dreaming!!This is just too good to be true!! Oh God !! Please don't let this be a dream! Please let him be here for real!!!

"Ok normally staring can be cute or even now it's getting creepy you know" Zayn grimaces as he looks at me in confusion.

"Oh my god!! What are you doing here!" I almost shriek.

"Last I checked I was still a British citizen who is allowed to roam freely on the streets of Manchester" he says rubbing his chin with his index finger putting on a "thinking expression" and I roll my lips in trying hard not to smile.

"I was visiting my cousin who stays here actually. What about you?" he smirks and winks.

"I was visiting Eva..." I start to say but realize that he doesn't know Eva "I mean.. just visiting a friend who was not well.."I conclude.

"So does this count as meeting by chance or destiny..?" Zayn asks still smirking with one eyebrow raised.

"I dunno" I smirk back trying to act nonchalant. But internally I'm ecstatic and my stomach is doing multiple back-flips of happiness.

"I think it does" he replies as he takes a step towards me.

Even though it's been six months, seeing and talking to Zayn again it feels like we never stopped talking. There is no awkwardness between us.

Suddenly Zayn grabs my hand and kneels on one knee as if proposing. My eyebrows shoot up so high that they almost reach my hairline.

"What's your middle name?" he questions seriously.

"Huh?" I ask even more confused now.

"Your.Middle.Name?" Zayn says slower this time as if talking to a child.

I look around as people start giving us weird looks and some are even snickering. It sure is a funny sight with Zayn kneeling on his one leg and holding my hand asking for my middle name.

"Roselyn" I say as I scrunch my eyes at Zayn trying to read his mind. He flashes me a wide grin and clears his throat and locks his gaze with me.

"Eliza I'm sorry for all the things that happened in the past. But I can assure you that I've grown up now and if you give me the chance I can prove it to you. You're the only one for me, took me long enough but I finally figured it out. I can't promise you a perfect life or a perfect relation but what I can promise you is I'll be there with you forever and always by your side through thick and thin, through darkness and light and for all my life. Eliza I could be your perfect disaster you could be my ever after! So I Zayn Javadd Malik asks you Eliza Roselyn Sheffield that, will you be my girlfriend?" he ends still looking in my eyes.

I'm speechless! Literally!! A sudden realization hits me that what I've been searching for all my life is this! The right guy is finally here! It's him! It's Zayn!

"Em.. Eliza.. not in a very comfortable position here.." Zayn's voice interrupts my thinking as he looks down and nods at his knee.

"Yes.." I say but because of my "happy coma state" it comes out as a whisper.

"Yes?" Zayn asks shocked too but with twinkling eyes.

"YES!YES!YES!" I scream as I start laughing and Zayn jumps up and envelopes me in a hug. We stay like that for a while and it feels perfect! This is perfect!!

As we pull out I wipe the tears at the end of my eyes which I couldn't stop from flowing out. Zayn grabs both my hands in his as he leans down and I look up at him.

"I love you Eliza" he whispers.

"I love you too Zayn" I reply as I lock my gaze with his.

Zayn slips his hand in mine and intertwines our fingers as we start walking towards the epic Black Hummer! Had it not been for this vehicle maybe I wouldn't ever have my love-story or find my right guy! My Zayn Malik!


A/n: Tada! It's done.

First things first I'd like to thank all my readers. Thanks for the major support and encouragement. Though the comments were few but I really enjoyed reading all those comments.Also thanks for the votes & reads.

I really had fun writing this story and now that it's done I feel a little low. But on the bright side I have my second story Just a "Dream" coming up n I'm planning on writing one more though I'm not sure whether it's gonna be a fanfic or not. I'm still working on that :P


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