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Chapter #17 - Rated R.


Jacob's P.O.V*

"Goodnight babygirl...sweet dreams..."

I said as I watched her sleep, she was so beautiful. She reminded so much of Giselle. They had similar personalities.

I looked down, noticing she was still in her towel. I then got up looked through my bag and pulled out some boxers and a white tee that would probably be too big for her.

I then walked over to her side of the bed and looked at her, she was knocked out.

I then reached and touched her towel, a little hesitant. I bit the inside of my cheek and pulled the towel down off of her body, revealing everything.

She was absolutely perfect in every aspect of her body.

I tried not to stare but I stared anyway.

I admired her from head to toe feeling myself get hard down there.

I then looked back at her, she was still asleep.

I bit my lip as I reached my hand down to her body, I gently put my hand on her stomach and my hands trailed up and down her body.

I stroked my hand down her inner thigh and eventually my hand landed on her...kitty, yeah that's it. Kitty.

I continued, biting my lip as I slipped one finger inside her, moving my finger around her in a circular motion.