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Matthew's POV
We walked out of the cafeteria and went to like break where we do what ever we want. We just played football with Nash, Marina, Kalolaine, hayes, Shawn, and Jai. While Kimberly my bæ, Jocelyn, and Jennifer played volleyball. I was just playing and at the same time staring at Kimberly I just that to myself zayyyummmm bæ.

-10 minutes later-

We kinda got bored from playing sports so we decided why not truth or dare with everyone expect Jai and Jennifer they needed to talk. So we started to play Marina was the first to ask someone "Shawn truth or dare" she said "truth" he said "if you were to change one of the Magcon guys who would it be" she says "mmmmmmmm I think Jack gilinsky" "k now you dare someone" she says "ok Nash truth or dare" Shawn says "dare" Nash says " I dare you to twerk on the teacher" Shawn says " no problem I'm a pro" Nash says. Nash went and tweaked at a teacher and she didn't even notice we were all laughing.

Jai's POV
I was really nervous that I was gonna tell this to Jennifer because I have never planned it and I really don't have an option if I have to or not.

Jennifer's POV
I was kinda scared and somewhat worried what Jai was gonna say because he has been acting weird all day long so he finally starts to talk " look Jennifer, I really don't want to do this but." "But what" I say "I am gonna move to Australia" he says with a sad tone. "How long" I say as tears start coming into my eyes "I really don't know I think probably till college" he said tears started to run down my face. I ran away while people looked at me with confused faces but, I didn't care the love of my life is leaving for 5-6 years. I got out of school more like ditched and went in the woods.

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