sams day

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Maria's P.O.V


O Lord. I have to have sex with sam. He isn't gonna pass it up like the other guys did. Damnit

Knock knock

"It's open"

"Hey" said sam as he walked.into my room. He sat right next to me n grinned

"Today is my day so I get you" he said smirking

He looked do hawt. I really like him but it seemed he only sex

"So when you wanna you know do it" i asked

"I'm kinda horny right now. Wanna to do it now or later?"

"Lets jus get it over with"

At that he jumped on top of me n took off his shirt. He kissed me but with passion.

He started kissing all over my body. He left trails of wet kisses.

He went down to my pant n pulled them off. He then took off my shirt. He started massaging my boobs.

I started moaning

"Yes baby moan."

He rubbed over my heat causes me to get wet.

"Someone's ' really wet today"

He kissed all the way down till he got to my heat. He licked his middle and pointer finger and stuck them inside of me.

I started screaming out


Yes. Scream baby. Make the whole house know that your mine."

I starting screaming  really loud.

He starting licking my dry. It good. He kept moving his younger around inside.of me which caused me to organism.

"I'll be right back"


A minute later he came back with a box. He opened it and there was a lot of vibrators n dildos.

"Spread your legs open"

I Did as I was told n he pulled out a vibrator. He put it over my heat n turned it on. It felt so good.

I was now dropping wet. He made me cum.

He the vibrator n stuck his dick inside of me. I kept moaning. I fisted the sheets as he went faster n faster. Just when he was about to cum he pulled out and layer next to me.

"You okay"


I turned over n cuddled with him. I fell asleep in his arms.

Omg hey guys. Wow it's been forever since I've written a sex scene. Hope it was good. Sorry it's a short chapter btw. I have writers block. Please give me your opinions on the story. Thank you guys sooo much for 4k reads. When I first started this book I thought it was  gonna be shitty n get barely any reads but ig I was wrong. Ojay bye ev1

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