XIII- More Than a Feeling

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I've been awake for a while, and all I want to do is go and get some breakfast. My hangover isn't as bad as I expected, but I'm still a little sick and have a headache.

My stomach growled, and I contemplated room service. Did they have that here? I doubted it.

I knew I had the full option of getting up and driving three minutes to a cafe for breakfast, but there was a huge problem. I did remember last night, all of it.

I was putting off breakfast because I really didn't want to run into Mark... Or Dean. Not that anything bad happened between us, it was because it had been good.

As much as I'd like to be close with Dean, I just couldn't do that to myself. I needed to keep him at a distance, because I wasn't sure about how I felt about him. One moment he's sweet, then the next he's angry with me about something. I wasn't sure if he had a short temper, or if I was the one making him so mad all the time. I mean, I had run away from him about a thousand times. So why wouldn't he hate me?

My stomach drops. What if he did? For a moment I thought he might, but then I think of all he's done for me. He wouldn't stick around if he wanted to get rid of me. Like last night, he'd come to my room to check on me. He hadn't said it, but I know that's what it had been.

I sit in bed with the covers thrown aside. I hadn't wanted to sleep in my clothes, so when Dean had left I'd stripped off my jeans and t-shirt. I stretch my arms high above my head, then reach down to touch my toes. When I was little I had wanted to be a gymnast, but was never able to take a class because my parents hadn't let me. I would stretch every day, and practice weird tricks. One thing we'd had was a trampoline, and I'd do crazy flips all day for about a year. That had made me believe I was a gymnasts. I roll my eyes and smile at the younger me. I had a wild imagination. Although, I hadn't had many friends when I was little either, so maybe an eccentric imagination was a good thing. I shrug, standing to look out my window. I pull back the curtain to see that Dean and Sam's car is gone, so they must be out getting breakfast or something. I turn on the tv, something I hadn't done in a while. I stand while watching, doing some stretches to get ready for the day.

Like always there was nothing I want to watch, so I turn on the music channel instead. One of them is playing Mustang Sally, so I turn it up and dance around. I walk over to the mirror in the bathroom, looking at my dirty hair.

"Wow, don't I look classy." I snort sarcastically, picking up a brush to smooth my messy hair. I turn on the shower while brushing my teeth, leaning over the sink with one hand to get a closer view of my face. I look tired, too tired than any 19 year old should be. Then, I think of Sam and Dean. They must be exhausted, they've been doing this their whole lives. Though, they don't show it. They hold themselves together pretty well, but it's probably because they have each other. Unfortunately I grew up a single child, always wishing I had someone to play with.

I spit out the toothpaste and get in the shower, adjusting the temperatures. We'd have to go to the scene and investigate today. The most recent death was two days ago, so if there was going to be a sign of anything strange it would be there.

I finish washing off and get out, wrapping a towel around my body. I grab the complementary hair dryer, and begin working on my hair. There's a knock on my door and I put it back into the wall. I go to the door and look through the peep hole, seeing that it's the boys. I open the door, still in my towel.

"What?" I ask, and they look at me like I've gone crazy. Dean eyes nearly pop out of his head when he looks at all I'm wearing.

"Layla there's people out here." Dean says, looking around and quickly shuffling inside, Sam following closely behind. I shut the door behind them, turning to look at the two. Sam hands me a box, and I feel it's warmth. It must be food.

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