They both started laughing at me "stop literally it's not funny one night I slept peacefully knowing I was single next I went to bed and couldn't sleep knowing I needed to have a living human in me" I said "wait everything in that sentence seems weird to me" I said they started laughing more but I didn't say anything I just staid quiet till they quieted down since I was getting weird stares from the guys.

"How long is Mattheo going to take" I said "he has been gone for a while" blaire said and almost on timing the door opened showing a annoyed Mattheo, blaire and aurora got off his bed seeing as he already looked annoyed and by the looks of there face they looked scared thinking he will do something to them for laying on his bed.

Mattheo flapped down on the bed next to me and our friends turned to look but his head was on the pillow almost suffocating himself, "Mattheo" I said quietly he turned his head looking at me he smiled a little and I smiled back a little, should I tell him I'm staying with aurora for the night? "What happened?" I asked him "nothing" he said turning his head back into the pillow again "Mattheo" I said he didn't turn his head this time "Mattheo" I pulled on his curls "ow" he said moving my hand and rubbing his head where I pulled his curls.

I really love his curls, I like Mattheo but I don't want this life everything is arranged I want true love not arranged, Mattheo dosent like me in that way, I think, he gives me mix signals one moment he likes me next loves me even then he hates me and then he dosent even know how he feels. He is a weirdo I watched Mattheo as he handed me something he was holding this whole time, I looked at him confused but grabbed the paper "look at what it says" he said his voice coming out more deep then usual.

I looked at the newspaper and immediately saw a picture of me and zayn, shit I thought looking at it.
Y/n malfoy sneaking off with zayn rowle her ex lover, while at her own engagement party.

I looked at Mattheo and he was looking at the newspaper but looked up at me, staring at me in the eyes "look Matthe-" I got cut off "I don't really care I'm just showing u" he paused "at least next time hide with him better" he said he turned his head again to the other side facing away, I rubbed his curls and looked at Alice seeing as she giggled seeing how I was with Mattheo, I picked her up and laid her in my arms moving my hands away from mattheo's curls.

Mattheo turned quickly grabbing Alice from my hands and turning away, I swear Mattheo u baby her so much I thought knowing he will hear, he didn't respond ur mad I thought hoping he will respond now but no response I hate u I thought waiting for a response back but there was no response just our friends stupid talking. I leaned forward towards mattheo and moved my hands to his curls "mattheo" I whispered while playing with his curls "no" he said, "stop being mad" I said he didn't respond "ugh Mattheo talk to me" I said getting bored after a couple minutes.

No. response.
"Are u alive" i asked "come back to life" I said after he didn't respond again, if I told him I am horny will I catch his attention "Mattheo" i paused seeing as he didn't respond again "I'm horny" I whispered "shut up" he whispered back, yes finally a response, what should I say now "Mattheo" I whispered will he respond again.

No... he did not "I'm really horny" I whispered while still playing with his curls "shut up and stop playing with my curls" he said turning around for a little to smack my hand away, I pulled his curls hard and he finally turned looking my way "are u fucking kidding me" he said while he was still holding Alice "give Alice to Draco see if she cries" I said he looked at me annoyed but called Draco over and gave him Alice, surprisingly she didn't cry... yet.

Mattheo turned looking at me in the eyes, I stared back and smiled seeing how annoyed he is "stop being annoyed" I said rolling my eyes at him, he didn't respond but grabbed my leg and put it over his pulling me closer to him, for a second I forgot our friends where in the room. I smiled playing with his curls, okay I don't like how this is arranged but I do love who I got arranged with, "stop touching my curls" he said moving my hands away again but pulled me a little closer and rested his head on my chest "your curls are literally in my face I have to play with them" I said going back again and playing with his curls.

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