5.79 Uncaught - The King

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"Okay, thank you, Mackie!"

"You're welcome", he said before suddenly attacking my armpits again. Once more I peed a bit while laughing, but I didn't care anymore. Mack had told me he didn't mind. He was really too good to be true. Then I quickly kissed him on the mouth, but this time I didn't let go. Mack was surprised and slowly let go of me when I suddenly rolled him over and pinned him to the ground. My lazy arm pressed on his shoulder girdle while my right hand groped for his ribs. Mack wasn't exactly fat, but a bit chubby. He was very touchy at his ribs.

"Now, who's the boss?", I asked him while he still tried to free himself. He was very strong, but since he was also big it wasn't that easy to get up with me on top.

"That was one shoddy trick! Revenge!", he got out before I finally had him laughing ^^ He tried to roll me over, but I managed to parry his attempts.

"Give it up! Who's the boss?", I asked again when he suddenly overpowered me with his upper body strength and shoved my lazy arm away. I wanted to keep him down with the other arm now, but that wasn't enough either because I needed to stop tickling him to do that.

"Now you're done!", he announced and got his shoulders off the ground. I quickly put my full weight on his shoulders and climbed up his body until I finally just sat on his chest. It put him back to the ground. This freed both of my arms so I could balance my position with the lazy arm while my right hand tickled under his armpits. I noticed my wet diapered crotch had gotten pretty close to his face, but since he had assured me that I shouldn't worry, I just kept going ^^ He repeatedly tried to push me up with his upper body strength, but just couldn't do it.

"Who's the boss!?", I shouted at him again while he involuntarily laughed his ass off ^^

"Not so fast!", Mack groaned and all of the sudden I flew right over his head. He must have used his legs to push his lower body up and the momentum then threw me off and I kneeled on the floor. Before I realized what had happened Mack already shoved me to the ground from behind and sat down on my back.

"OH...NOO!", I shouted in shock while he pinned me to the ground with one arm while the other one started carefully tickling my armpit again. It wasn't bad - just a demonstration of power.

"All hail Mack the King!"

"Burger King at max", I groaned while I tried to wiggle free, but he was just too heavy and his grip too tight. I must have struck a nerve because he suddenly began to really tickle me. I shrieked and started laughing hysterically. On top of that I was also peeing my diaper again.

"Come on, hail me!", Mack commanded and I could hear he had fun while I started to suffer more and more. He quickly wore me down.

"Stop! Please stop, Mackie! It hurts!", I squealed and he instantly went softer again.

"Not unless you hail me! Otherwise I condemn you to death...by tickling", he chuckled and I got a bit annoyed.

"Yeah, you're the king...", I said worked up.

"Such wrong admissions are not tolerated!", he proclaimed and started tickling me again. I was exhausted and had no fight left in me.

"All hail King Mack!", I shouted powerfully so he would finally stop and gladly he did so instantly. When he finally got off of me I remained on the floor face down.

"Are you alright?"

"Phew...let's not repeat that one..."

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