A fresh start

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○Don't roleplay on this page○
You jump off the boat, ready for your new life.
"Welcome!" A girl greets, with shining auburn hair flying behind her. Your notice she has fox-like ears and tail. A lovely crown of leaves sporting all colors of a dull gold to brilliant flame red.
"I'm Emberly!" She giggles. "I'll be your little helper for today, since you're new!"
She hands you a list - rules. "Read that! If you don't follow them, you could end up in the dungeon-or worse." She looks at you innocently, which sets your nerves on the edge.

Thanks for making this one of the most popular roleplays, guys! <3 


1) Follow these rules
A stupid one I know, but seriously, I'm going to regret not putting this on

2) Be courteous to others
Please don't do big things that can affect other role players, and don't try to kill others at every turn. Don't jump in randomly, and be polite.

3) Hate the characters, not the user
Don't want to see someone bullying someone else for something their character did.

4) Cussing is allowed
However, if someone asks you to tone it down, you must respect that

This is a Roleplay, you aren't immortal. Be realistic, make rivalries, create friends, develop crushes. If I call you out, please don't ignore me.

6) Be appropriate
PG-13, okay? Anything other than that, in PM (this means nothing more than kissing and making out! Absolutely no sex!). Killing is fine as long as you don't go too into detail. (Just one stab and done) 

7) Don't control others' characters
It's incredibly rude and annoying. 

8) You can't be in two places at once
Seriously. If you can normally be in two places at once, let me know.

9) Reply to the person's comment you are roleplaying with.
This is to avoid confusion, and clogging up the comments. 

10) Voting
Please DO NOT vote on every roleplay page! Voting is great, don't get me wrong, but there's a lot of pages to vote on and the notifications are cumbersome to go through. Just voting on this page is fine.

11) Roleplay in third person
If you don't know what that is, you should probably get off Wattpad and find out what it is.
Just saying. This is here to avoid confusion. Not everyone knows who your character is. 

12) Don't comment on every single page
It's a pain to go through, YES you change pages, it's not forbidden but please don't go and reply to every single comment, or comment on every page in a span of five minutes

13) Don't roleplay without being accepted!
I WILL delete your comment! You have been warned! (This goes for if you break any other rules)

Do not put the password on your form!!
Put your favorite movie in the comments below if you read this and want to join. Please note you will be denied if you don't do this. When I tell you to "read the rules", this is what I'm talking about. 
Also, do me a favor and don't tell people what the password is... it defeats the purpose of having one. Let people figure it out on their own.

This takes place in the medieval times! You don't have to change to clothes to match, but please no technology. (i. e. phones, computers)

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