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"Where were you?"


"Where was I?" you repeated.

His voice was sweet.
His grip was gentle as he led you out the bathroom and to the room.

"Did I not say it loud enough? Where were you sweetheart?" Vice asked sternly as you sat on the bed.
"My arm.. I went to the hospital for my arm" you pointed at the bandage.

Vice stood above you, contemplating whether you were lying or not.

"Why didn't you tell me? You stayed all night.."
"They made me stay, I had no choice" you admitted.

He looked at your wrist with the blossom bracelet.

"What's wrong?" you asked with a smile.

You glanced at your bead bracelet.

"I'm sorry.."

You took his hands and dragged him closer.

"I shouldn't have reacted that way.. I'm the reason I got cut. I'm sorry Vice.." you rubbed his head and he cuddled into your chest.
"You're so sweet.." he smiled but you frowned as he closed his eyes.

Caides hair.. it doesn't look bad but it's not long enough to tie up anymore.

It looks just like that picture of Vice we found.. except more messy and brown.

"So.. you're still wearing the dress. Let's get you changed~" Vice pulled at your dress and you stopped him.
"Ah! Wait I need to shower"

Shit shit shit.
If he sees that anklet, he's gonna know exactly why the wrist bind didn't work.

Not to mention he'll see the marks Damon left.. I just need to keep things going smooth until tomorrow.

"Shower.. right me too" he smiled and looked up at you. "Want to shower together?"
"No I do not" you yelled flustered and he laughed innocently.
"Worth a shot.. but we can wait for that, I missed you" he admitted as he climbed in the bed with you.

You felt his hands waver and the bead bracelet began to glow it's pink color again.

"Vice.. why do you like me?" you asked trying to calm the tense situation and he laughed.
"What a silly question.. do I really have to answer?"

You nodded and he climbed on top of you with a mischievous look.

"Are you gonna make me?"

You backed away on the bed and he pulled you closer.

Vice loved your reaction as you looked away, conflicted by your own thoughts.
What were you supposed to say?

You had to admit he did get you flustered, but maybe you were just touch deprived.

He smiled.

"Seventeen years.."
"Hm?" you let out confused and he sighed.
"That's how long I've been a spirit. That's how long I've been dead.. not being able to move on"
"Are you sure because..?"
"I kept count okay!" he cut you off and you stayed quiet.

He got up and sat on the edge of the bed. You curiously looked at his back as you came closer.

"I was alive seventeen years.. and I've been dead seventeen years. Wanna know something? You're the only one who saw me for who I truly am.." he kind of smiled as you came behind him.

You placed your hand on his shoulder.
"I don't get what you mean.."

He snatched your hand in his and pulled you on his lap.

"That shaman.. and I bet that teacher too, told you not to trust me. That I was suspicious.. It's always been like this. Even when I was alive, everyone thought my niceness was a facade!! But you didn't.. you believed me.." he smiled and kissed your hand.
"You don't think I'm evil.. right?"
"I mean.. so what if I possessed his body!! But you know what would've happened if I didn't?" he questioned and raised his voice a bit.

You looked away guilty because he was right.

If he would've never possessed Caide.. Vice would have been left in that school for more years to come.

While you and Caide went on with your lives.

Of course you would've visited but it would not have been the same..

"So.. I took matters into my own hands to be with the girl of my dreams.. even if it's only for a week" he smiled to himself.
"I understand why you're doing this.. but that doesn't mean it's right. Of course I think you're nice Vice!
Of course I think there's more to the story!" you stated while looking into his eyes.

Vice doesn't know who killed him.. I bet that's why he's still here.

"You don't understand why you were brutally murdered even though you're so kind.. that's why you're still here isn't it?" You asked and he stayed quiet.
"I knew it.. Vice I can help you, really I promise I will. I won't leave you alone agai-"

You were cut off by a passionate kiss on the lips.
They were Caides lips.
But Vices feelings were being transferred through them.

He pulled back and you looked at him with a heated face.

"I have another reason why I'm here sweetheart.." he said sweetly as he pulled you closer.
"W-Why?" you asked as you placed your hand on his chest.

He gave you a look and kissed you again this time with a bit more aggression.

Vice flopped you over on the bed and you let out a noise at the impact.
He started kissing your neck as he rubbed his hand on the outer part of your thigh.

"Because I love you.." he finally responded softly in your ear.

You gripped the back of his shirt, entranced by his affection.
His kisses began to go lower and lower.
You bit your lip as you blushed and he chuckled.

"C-Caide wait.."

Your eyes shot open when you realized who's name you had moaned.
Vice paused and slowly looked up.



A knock at the door saved you from the awkwardness as both your heads shot towards the sound.

"Who could that be?" Vice mumbled and pulled you up.

Vice held your hand as he dragged you down the hallway and to the front door.

"Who is it?" you asked and suddenly the doorknob started turning with the sound of jingling keys. "Oh no.."

You started pushing Vice towards your room but he didn't budge.

"What are you doing?" he asked and the front door swung open.

"Mommy and Daddy's home sweetheart!"

Oh.. my

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