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THANK YOU SO MUCH I GOT UP TO 200 reads I'm so grateful and I also got a lot of favs so thanks for that. 😇😋 I am really really happy thank you thank you. I never thought that I would get so many favs in like a week or two and also reads. WATTPAD has really inspired for me to like to read and to write fan fiction books, and I am so grateful there is WATTPAD. I know I don't post long chapters, I am trying to more when I have time. The reason why it is short is because a lot of people are wanting me to update over and over again so I can't really post long chapters. Also I hate to let people down so I am trying my best so please have patience. Anyways I really do hope I inspire you to write books on WATTPAD cause trust me it will be a good hobby to do and whenever your bored read books or write that's what I do. THANK YOU

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