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Jungkook was panicking!!

How could he not? It was his first day at middle school afterall. Lord, how come he was in 6th grade already? This realization made him feel a little old somehow.

He was sat on the very first bench just as the teacher had asked him before proceeding to briefly analyze his new homeroom. He had joined the new term significantly late than his peers as his parents had recently moved to Seoul from Busan. Naturally, he was anxious. This city was way bigger and the people, way more arrogant.

Everyone seemed to be busy with either homework or chit chatting. He had to introduce himself in front of the class a few minutes ago and being the center of attention had caused his legs to wobble. But he knew that his social anxiety was to be tested yet again when he'd have to talk to everyone as a new student for days to come. God, making friends out of strangers was a task in itself and Jungkook kind of sucked at it.

He was thinking of initiating a conversation with someone 'kind' as advised by his mom. While letting his eyes wander all around the room, his sight landed on one particular student sitting in the row right next to him. He had his chin rested on his hand, lips were forming a pout and those bangs— they looked kinda messy but lustrous. He seemed to be already staring at Jungkook with immense focus and it appeared as if he had been talking to himself in his head.

He looked kinda intimidating too.


Jungkook had gotten extremely self conscious by then so he'd begun to check if he had something sticking on his face or an ink spot on his new uniform. Why else would someone stare at him this much? Or maybe people were weird like that here.

When he instinctively turned his head around again and found out that the staring kid was now approaching him, his shoulder began to tense up.

Shit. Was he a bully? The teacher had left a few seconds ago saying that she'd come in a few so the chances were high that this kid would wanna pick on him.

He gulped and started forming strong comebacks in his mind. He'd fight back. He'd not let anyone bully him even for once or else it'd become a never ending vicious cycle.

"Hello." A voice came. It was probably him. It seemed inevitable anyway so Jungkook sucked in a deep breath and turned to look at the other. Damn this kid looked even more attractive up close which added up to Jungkook's perplexity.

"H- Hi"

"Um, Jeon Jungkook right?"


"I'm Kim Taehyung." The other boy said as he reached his hand out for a handshake, "You are very pretty."

"Woah." Jungkook jolted, that was sudden. The moment he shook hands with Taehyung, his tense shoulders started to ease up. The warmth of his hand was strangely electrifying. His lips had now curved into a boxy smile which was so cute in contrast to his intense hypnotic eyes.

"Thank you!" Jungkook managed to utter, his hand still in the grip of the taller boy. "You're good looking too."

"Tell me something I don't know." Taehyung stated, chuckling.

Jungkook laughed. This kid seemed far from a bully so he might as well go with the flow. "It's impossible to lick your own elbow."

"It's not!"

"Show me if you can do it then." Jungkook challenged as he pulled his hand back and began to enjoy the sight of a struggling Taehyung bending his arm at various angles to make his tongue reach his elbow.

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