𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴛᴇɴ𓅓

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This is the first that comes out of your mouth after Nazir proposes the marriage.

You even pulled your hands out of his own.

Your father's emotionless expression doesn't change, not even phased at all.

"Why should I marry my only daughter to you?"

This question bothered you, did Maathotep just ignore your reply? You don't wish to marry the Babylonian king.

"I'm the king of Babylonian, and if she marries me she will become a queen" Nazir replies.

Maathotep chuckles at the reply, finding it childish.

"That's not a good reason, provide a correct answer, young Nazir"

You start to feel comforted that your father will object to this marriage, however, there is something off.

"I'm very strong" the pharaoh raises an eyebrow.

"Where is the proof of that?"

"The proof of what?"

"Of you being strong"

Nazir glares at your father, already starting to hate the man who is trying to keep you two apart.

"I can start a war, and show you how strong truly I am"

Feeling the tension in the air, you decided to cut in.

"There is no need for a war to prove anything, as I simply don't wish to marry you, Nazir"

The said king looks at you and snorts.

"This is between you and your father, princess"

You shook your head in disbelief at this behavior, knowing that it will only worsen the situation.

"To become my daughter's husband, you have to pass a few tests" your eyes widen at your father's words.

"What type of tests?" Nazir inquires curiously.

"You will see" Maathotep asserts with a smirk.

A smirk that you know too well, making you pray for Nazir's life.

"There will also be others competing" Nazir frowns.

"Others?" Maathotep nods his head in confirmation.

"Yes, you see I want my daughter to marry the strongest man..."

The pharaoh glances at you for a second, before continuing.

"...Yet I doubt the existence of such a man"

The way Maathotep belittles Nazir makes the king only determined.

After all, he can use magic to pass easily.

Little does he know Maathotep has something in store for him and the other participants.

Something gruesome and bloody.

𓅓𓃠Few days later𓅓𓃠

You stare at the large line of boys your age or a little older, standing side by side in front of your father.

Including Nazir.

All of them are well built and handsome, and also they are holding weapons.

But the one that caught your attention, is the one you saw in your dream.

He is standing right there, looking as handsome as ever.

Looking like a red flag.

"Your first test today is rather simple" you look at your father as he speaks with a prideful tone.

"If you pass it, there might be hope to pass the other tests too" you sigh.

"What is the test, your highness," one of the boys asks impatiently.

Your father grins at him evilly.

"Eating snakes and scorpions"

If that is the easy test...then what about the other tests?!

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