5.68 Uncaught - Anxious

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"Yeah, indeed. But he also finally reminded me what had been on the line the whole time, you know? I had no real feelings up until that moment..."

"I guess you had still been in some kind of shock state"

"He said something similar"

"See? But maybe this also explains the other thing...what I originally wanted to talk about...", she said and it finally dawned on me.

"I'm sorry I wet myself, Mom! Are you mad?", I asked worried.

"No?...no!...no, I'm not mad", Mom declared confused.

"What else?"

"I just wanted to talk to you about it, honey"

"Alright, here I am"

"First of all you should know that I will always love you, no matter what...", Mom said and embraced me.

"...love you, too..."

"...and that doesn't change just because you peed your panties! You know?", she explained and let go of me again.

"Thank you!", I said with tears in my eyes.

"But I have to tell you that it worries me", she told me and I got so nervous I leaked a bit.

"I'm sorry for that! I don't want you to worry!"

"But, you know, I'm your mother and that's my job. But as a mother I worry about different things than what you are thinking of. I'm worried that you're getting scared of it. I mean it looks like you had a couple of those accidents the last weeks and again that's really no big deal. But I'm just afraid it might discourage you and make you anxious. You shouldn't have to deal with such things and I'm sorry it's happening to you, but I wanted to assure you that you have my full support. Well, that's what I wanted to tell you and now I'd like to hear what you think of it"


"Are you really fine? Does it burden you? Is there something else you want to tell me? I'd love to help you, hun", she told me and tears started to emerge from her eyes. Like always when she cried I noticed she suddenly looked older. I wasn't sure what to say. I didn't even know if I could. I was just so sorry it had went that way. And that I had lied.

"You remember offering me a free play a few days ago, Mom?", I suddenly asked and saw I had taken her by surprise.

"Er...yes, I do..."

"I don't want a free play, because I don't think I deserve one. But maybe you can promise me not to shout at me when I tell you...", I started when all of a sudden the door bell rang. For a few seconds both of us didn't react to it because the moment had been so intense. But when I didn't continue talking, Mom gave me a look and went down the stairs to answer the door. I had no idea how to make ends meet now, because of course I had planned to answer the door alone and then figure things out with Jane before eventually facing Mom. What was I supposed to do now? However waiting in my room for things to solve themselves definitely wasn't the right thing to do, so I quickly followed Mom. I saw she had already opened the door.

"Hi!", I heard Jane's voice.


"I'm Jane. Lyza invited me to come over"

"I'm here!!", I shouted while running down the stairs.

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