Blakely, Blakely, wake up.

An annoying voice was entering my right ear and it wouldn't shut up. I opened my eyes slowly, seeing three boys around me. Realization came rushing in as I remembered what Rouge had done.

"You said you wouldn't hurt me," I spat at him. He slowly smiled, causing me to shudder.

"Excuse me guys, can y'all leave Blakely and I alone for a moment. I think it's time I tell her the rules for around here," he said calmly facing the other guys.

"Sure thing," Riz said, "but don't hurt her too bad, she needs to meet the girls." And then, they left. Shutting the door behind them.

Rouge turned towards me, taking his time to walk over to me. I looked down at the bed I was sitting on, the black sheets looked faded. When he got close enough, he grabbed my jaw and put his face directly in front of mine almost as if to kiss me.

"You listen, and you listen well. I will not repeat myself. We have certain rules that need to be followed seriously around here, got it?" He let go of my jaw and stepped back. "Rule one, answer verbally when spoken to. Rule two, don't back talk. No cursing. Rule three, do what you're told, no arguing. Rule four, don't fight us. We are a lot stronger than you, mentally and physically. And rule number five, don't run, we will catch you. If you wanna go back home then you will obey these rules, okay?" He turned away from me and headed to the door, "oh and one more thing, if you don't get to go home then you are mine." After that he abruptly left the room.

I sat there and let all my tears out, holding a pillow in my lap. I really wanted to go home. I pulled my knees to my chest. Suddenly I felt something hard in my boot. My phone!

I pulled it out, I had 13%. I quickly unlocked it and pulled up K.J.'s number.

"Blakely, where are you? I thought you said you were coming over?" his voice sounded worried. I cried out his name.

"K.J. you have to call the police, I've been kidnapped. Hurry, there are three guys, they go by Ace, Riz, and Rouge," I was speaking really fast and stuttering.

"Blakely, calm down. Do you know where you are?"

"No, but you have to help me," I was trying to catch a breath when the door opened.

"What the hell are you doing?" I turned to see Ace, coming towards me.

"K.J.!" I yelled before being punched in the stomach, knocking me completely out.

I woke up with a pounding headache, and my stomach was cramping real bad. I tried to sit up, but was forced back down due to chains around my wrists that were connected to the headboard. My feet were chained down as well. It was really dark where I was, and my adrenaline was pumping.

"Help! Somebody! Help me!" I kept yelling until I was exhausted. My stomach growled and I wondered how long I had been here. I hoped that K.J. would phone the police and they would track me down, saving me from this hell hole.

As I fantasized about getting to go home, a door creaked open then shut again. I completely stopped breathing. I wasn't able to see him, but I knew one of the boys was in here.

"Well, well. If it isn't sleeping beauty. You've been out for two days. I'm glad you've decided to come back to us. But, due to your little stunt you pulled, we've had to relocate." I couldn't tell which guy it was from their voice.

A light was flipped on, causing me to see spots for a solid minute. Then I made contact with a pair of brown eyes.

"No, leave me alone! Help!" I yelled. He "tsk"ed at me and slapped me hard across the face. And as soon as the stinging went down, he did it once more. I whimpered in pain, and flinched when he moved my hair out of my face. "Leave me alone, please."

"God, I love it when you beg. Do it again," he chuckled and slapped me again, "I said beg!" he yelled at me, slapping me again and again and again.

"Stop! Please, stop. I'm sorry, just stop hitting me. Please," I was balling my eyes out, and pulling on the chains with all my force.

"You're pitiful. We contacted your dad and gave him a decent amount to pay for your safe return. But, he simply stated he couldn't afford that. He was crying, and I almost felt bad for him. But guess what? You know your darling K.J.? He's willing to pay any amount we want. Isn't that grand?" he smiled angrily, "The sad thing is, we don't want his money, no. We want your dad's. But we're gonna need more than he can afford."

"You said if you got the money, you'd let me go," I whispered between sobs.

"No, babe. We said if we got your parents money. So, until then, which may be never, this will be your home." Rouge replied.

"No, that wasn't.. that wasn't part of the deal," I said. He produced a key from his pocket and undid my wrists, but left my feet bound. He pulled me up into a sitting position and sat beside me.

"Things change," he replied hastily. I looked at him in complete shock.

"That's bullshit! You didn't specify where the money had to come from!" I screamed, punching at him. "You're a sick, lying bastard!"

He's fist connected with my jaw, and I suddenly paused. He just punched me. I held my breath as he stood up, glaring at me, "You will watch your mouth when speaking to me, do you understand?" I sat staring at him with my mouth slightly open. "Do you understand?" he snarled grabbing me by my hair.

"Yes!" I cried out, my hands flying up to his grip on my hair, "Let go." He pulled my head back so I was staring straight up at him. "Please, Rouge."

He made a grunting noise then released me. He walked to the door, slamming it as he left.

I was still sitting, and my legs were still bound to the bed post. I used my hands to pull at the chains. After about five minutes of pulling, I noticed the wood becoming a whitish color and wearing down.

Suddenly the door opened, catching me off guard. "What'd you do to the bed? Rouge won't like that.." Riz said, "tsk"ing. "Ready to meet the girls?"

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