Chapter 10

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Voices. Whispered hush voices broke into Vanessa's peaceful sleep. But unlike the previous night, these voices didn't fill her with fear. The voices seemed to be playfully arguing with each other.

"Sshhh! You are going to wake her up!"

"But she looks so adorable. Just one picture wouldn't hurt anyone, Xavier."

That was the last thing Vanessa heard before a bright flash erupted behind her closed eyes. The youngest male De Luca and Xavier both battled for dominance as they argued in a whispering tone over their sister.

She yawned before everything came rushing back to her-her brothers...her family! Hesitantly, she hugged both her toys and groggily opened her eyes at the two boys.

"Hi," Vanessa said shyly, startling both the boys. Frowning, she noticed that Angelo, Xavier, and Matteo were the only ones in the room.

"Good Morning, princess," Xavier said. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine," Vanessa replied, feeling slightly awkward. "Where are the others?"

"Outside. We have encountered a little predicament." Matteo, the second eldest, said."Dad left me in charge over these two." He pointed at the boys, who were looking at Vanessa as if she was going to disappear any second. "I wonder why they thought that."

"Hey!" Angelo said. "We are perfectly responsible young men. Don't you agree, Vanessa?"

She giggled at the boy's silliness, her previous awkwardness disappearing.

"Come on. You must be hungry. Mum was unsure what to get, so she got a little of everything."

Vanessa was stunned at how she hadn't noticed the giant table of different dishes stacked neatly near each other. And Xavier wasn't kidding when he said Felicity got a little of everything. It seemed like there was a miniature restaurant in the hospital room.

"I-is that all for me?"

"Yes. Or it should be. I had to bring an entire army just to stop these two boys from devouring your breakfast." Matteo stated.

"Hey!" Both the boys replied simultaneously.


The rest of the De Luca's had just visited a man who called himself Vice. He collected information and sold it for the right amount and the problem was he wasn't on the Russians or their side. Vice was neutral. And that was what made him dangerous because nobody did know if he would tell your enemy the information he just told you. The only reason the De Luca family did business with the man was that Xander had an unknown history with Vince.

Xander had told his father that Vice had saved his life and in return, he saved his sister.

They had just arrived after Vice had told them about the Russians who were planning on delivering 'resources' to the French but were intercepted by an unknown source.

The moment they reached the hospital, Felicity ran up to them, worried. "Oh my God! You guys took so long to arrive and I was getting very stressed out. Is everything okay?"

"Love, we are fine. The boys are fine. Did doctor Reese arrive? How is Vanessa?"

"No, Doctor Reese hasn't arrived yet. He usually is very punctual. She just went to sleep. Viktor, it was amazing. We talked about the family and how we were going to introduce her to the others. Gosh, Viktor! The others are going to be super-"

"Felicity, breath." Viktor laughed. "Boys, do you want to go to the hotel or stay here?"

"Here!" The sons said in a collective response.

Felicity and Viktor smirked, "That's what I thought."

As the boys went to Vanessa's hospital room Viktor led his wife toward the nearest available room. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Felicity blushed, embarrassed. "Sorry, I'm excited for everyone to meet our beautiful girl." Tears sprang in her eyes, "Viktor, I missed her so much and while I love talking about the family with her it just made me realize how much of her life we weren't part of. I hate Amberly for what she did to our family."

"I loathe what Amberly did to all of us- how she hurt us. But she is gone-she is dead. After seeing what she did to our girl, I sometimes wish she wasn't so I could destroy her" Viktor released a rare smile, "Vanessa is perfect. The second I saw her, I knew that she was going brighten up our whole lives."

"Oh, she can be a bubbly sweetheart at times."

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing. "Guess you have to take that." Felicity declared with a smile.

Viktor frowned once he got a glimpse of the caller ID. "It's from Martin."

Martin Murphy was their head of security and had worked for the family for decades like his father and grandfather had. He rarely called at this time at night unless it was an emergency.

"Sir," Martin said as soon as Viktor accepted the call. "The Russians attacked Doctor Reese."

"What?!" Viktor growled. "What do you mean the Russians attacked Dr. Reese?"

Felicity snapped her head at the sound, her eyes shining with concern.

"The doctor's car was attacked by the Russians just as it arrived here. We got the video footage of the attack. Thankfully our men intercepted the Russians before any harm could be done."

Viktor snarled, "But the Russian Mafia conveyed their message perfectly when they assailed our own."

"Sir, that is not all. You told me to look into Miss Vacker's death. Sir... Amberly Seilla Vacker might not be dead."


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