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I always wanted to have a twin. You know, someone who looked exactly like you and other people won't be able to tell who's who. You could do pranks to them, or even to your own parents since you both look so much alike. Or to strangers, like how my best friends June and Jessie did.It was nothing to say, Oh my god that was hilarious, just to say, That was pretty funny.

One day they fooled this old lady at a bus stop. Jessie was first. She sat next to her and started making a conversation. Then she said she suddenly had to leave and then June came. The lady was confused and asked her if she changed her mind and needed to go on the bus still.

June looked at her confused and said that she's never talked to the old lady before. The lady started saying they had and started recalling all they talked about. June was just creep out and just started walking away.

After about ten minutes, Jessie came back but the old lady didn’t say anything. Jessie started out the conversation again saying that her mom sent her back to go somewhere on the bus. The lady continued ignoring her. Jessie saw that this was the time for her to start acting different. So she started talking to herself, catching the lady's attention.

Jessie started blabbering like if there were two of her and in time June came and joined her in the talk. But the funny thing is that they were both saying the same things at the same time. Yup that’s how twins work. They know what each other is going to say.

The lady got freaked out and just stared. She probably thought that 1) Jessie was crazy talking all this and 2) She herself was crazy because she was seeing double.

When the lady was going to leave, the twins suddenly stood up and said

"I forgot, the bus doesn’t pass by today. Silly me." With that, they walked off, leaving a confused, mad and annoyed old woman behind.

Well, I guess you can say it was hilarious. That is, if you're not the one being fooled.

But enough of me talking about my best friends. This is about me and how I wanted to have a twin. You know, maybe if you wish for a long time, that wish may come true, or in some cases where people say Be careful what you wish for. But they just say it to scare you. None of that is true and it only happens in books and movies. Besides, me wishing I had a twin was something harmless, something that won't happen in real life…

But this somehow did happen.

You may start saying. Oh, maybe she had a long lost twin.

Nope, nothing like that.

And as you continue reading on my life and throw it off as another fantasy story let me tell you something else.

This is a true story.

I don't expect you to believe it. I wouldn't believe it if this hadn't happened to me. But everything is true, except for names. I wouldn't put my real name in case someone recognize me. None of the names are real. Not my parents, of my friends, or even the place I live. They're all false.

Well, I guess that’s enough for introductions. Now that I got you cleared up with the whole this is a true story believe it or not.

And since this is a true story, I won't start like other regular fantasy stories start, with a dark spooky place or it was a stormy night. Nope, I'll start out where all this started.

It started in detention.

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