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(Your POV)

"Y/N,what are you doing?"Your father asked.You were still looking down at the ground."I'm s-sorry father."You said softly."Y/N,your behaviour has become very unacceptable.When Lady Elizabeth and her mother come over tomorrow afternoon,I want you to apologize for your behaviour."Your father said sternly."And why should I apologize,she starred it simply because of the  fact she thinks Ciel belongs to her.Her not letting me be his friend is unforgivable!It's not fair!!"You yelled looking up at your father.Just then your father slapped you and you looked away crying."Y/N,I didn't ask if it were fair!!!You being my daughter and ME being your father is very important."Your father said."Don't tell me that lie.IF IT WERE IMPORTANT THAN WHY GO AGAINST ME!!!!!"You yelled looking back up at him with a tear streaked face."Y/N go to your room,you're 'NOT' to leave it."Your father said."Fine!Have it your way!Sebastian!!!!"You yelled running to your room.'I went need him I have Ciel and other people like that....that's right.'You started packing your clothes."Lady Y/N,what happened with you and your father was he too upset?"Jewels asked worried."No..."You said upset."Stay here,that's a direct order."You said to Jewels before jumping out the window.You ran through London the fastest you could,but no-one would notice you unless they are immortal as well.You seem like nothing but a gust of wind to humans."Oh bassy!!I see you grew out your hair so you could be with me."You heard someone yell jumping on you."Uhh excuse me?"You asked clueless.The person had jumped off you noticing your a girl."I'm sorry."The man said rubbing his head.You noticed the man has red hair and greenish/yellow eyes."A shinigami?"You asked yourself."Well I ummm have to go...umm yeah bye!"You said running around the corner.You started walking and looking back.While walking you ran into someone's chest."H-Hey watch where your going!!"You yelled."I'm sorry Lady Michaelis."You heard Claude say."C-Claude...."You said suprised."Y/N!!!!!"Alois yelled running to you."Damn it!"You said getting ready to be jumped on.Alois ran and jumped on you making you fall back onto the ground."Hi Y/N.....hey what happened to your face."Alois said touching your cheek.You let out a grunt of pain then pushed him off you."ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!"You yelled walking off.

I know it's short but yeah I'll update either tonight or something like that.Okay have to give my dog a bath bye

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