"Suprise," he said, grabbing me by my hair and pushing a gun under my chin. "Let's not scream no more, okay?"

Tears rushed down my face as I nodded reluctantly. He started pushing me towards where the man I bit was standing. He glared at me before going across the street to get the white car I had seen before.

"Okay, sweetheart. I'm going to let go of you so I can get something from the trunk. You are going to stand right here and not move. If you run, I'll shoot you. Got it?" brown eyes said. I nodded.

Next thing I knew I was running down the sidewalk yelling as loud as I could. In my head I was thinking, why isn't anybody coming out here to help me?

I froze when I heard a gunshot. I don't know why I stopped running, but my feet wouldn't move a step. I was thrown to the ground, and my eyesight went blurry.

"You fucking bitch. I said not to run!" one of the guys said, I couldn't tell which one because my head was spinning. He let out a breath and stood me up, "I know you're scared therefore I won't shoot you, but just know I am a man of my word." I shivered.

My knees went weak, and I fell against the guy. He picked me up bridal style and started making his way back to the car. I was laid in the backseat, and I heard the sound of duct tape being ripped. My senses came back, and I scooted my back against the door farthest from the man. "Don't make this hard, " he said grabbing my leg, pulling me back over to him. He slapped the tape over my mouth and grabbed my wrists, bounding them in ropes in front of me. The door was then slammed shut as he got into the front seat. "You might want to go to sleep, it's a long drive."

I don't remember falling asleep, but I was woken when I felt cold air rush in the car, causing goosebumps to appear all over my body. I opened my eyes lazily, seeing a man I haven't seen before standing by me with the door opened. My eyes got wide as I remembered the earlier events that had occurred. The man yawned before yanking me from the car, pulling me to my feet in front of him, and snatching the tape from my lips. I stepped away from him as I shrieked, hitting my back on the car door. He smiled and grabbed my arm.

"Come on," he said acidly, causing me to quiver. I didn't move, and he groaned then picked me up by my waist, throwing me over his shoulder. A scream left my lips, and we walked inside a house.

"No, please let me go! Just leave me alone," I begged grabbing the doorframe. He yanked my body one time, prying my hands from their position. I was thrown onto the carpeted floor, having the breath knocked out of me. When I regained my composure, I sat up. That boy, the two from before, and an old man sat on a couch in front of me.

"Y'all did good. She's pretty. I bet you get a lot from her parents," the old man said, breaking the silence, "What's your name, hun?" he asked.

I was crying again and he "shh"ed me. "You're gonna be fine. My boys won't hurt you too bad, okay? This isn't anything personal. We just want your parents money. Now, don't make this hard on yourself, what's your name?" All eyes were patiently on me, waiting.

I looked up meeting the man's eyes. He looked about forty or fifty, and his hair was a white mess on the top of his head. I sniffed and mumbled, "I'm Blakely... Please let me go home. It's just my dad and I, you won't get much money. You could get a girl that's rich. I won't tell anyone. Just let me go." My voice was more quiet than I expected.

"Hun, we're not letting you go right now. And if we don't get the money, then you aren't going home at all," were the words that left the man's lips. I stared at him, my body shaking slightly.

"Okay, y'all have fun. And you," he stood up pointing at me, "behave." He left, and the boys just sat there looking at me, until they heard his vehicle drive off. The guy whom had dragged me in here stood and clapped once.

"Well, Blakely. Since we know who you are, why don't we tell you who we are? Why don't you start?" he said pointing to the guy by the brown eyed boy.

"Well, babe. I'm Ace," he winked at me with vibrant green eyes, and I held back some bile I felt coming up.

The brown eyed boy spoke next, "The name's Rouge." His eyes pierced through my skin, causing my cheeks to pinken.

"And I, my love, am Riz," the last one said. I didn't know what to say so I just nodded.

"Let me untie you and take you to meet your roommates," Rouge said, holding his hand out to me. I looked awkwardly at it as if I didn't understand his intentions, "Come on, I'm not gonna hurt you," he said.

I gently placed my hand into his allowing him to pull me to my feet. After he freed my wrists, we walked into a long hallway, and I began to sob. "Why am I here? You can let me go, and I'll never say anything. I... I can get you money, my father won't be able to pay much, I can get you more, please," I was literally begging.

"Shut up," he said without looking at me. I continued anyway.

"Just leave me alone. Let me go." He groaned and grabbed my neck pushing me into a wall. He was pushing on my windpipe, and I couldn't breathe. "Sto-" I tried to choke out.

"I swear on everything if you don't shut your goddamn mouth," he harshly whispered into my ear. Tears ran down my cheeks as I desperately clawed at his hand. Spots blurred my vision, and I began gasping like a fish out of water.

Suddenly, all I saw was black, yet I could still hear. I heard footsteps around me and a guy say "What the fuck did you do, Rouge? Did you kill her?" I couldn't feel my body, and everything around me seemed fuzzy. The last thing I heard was, "shit" before I finally went unconscious.

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