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-Yn pov-

I only said Yes to Jaden cause I really miss him. I hugged him cause I want to feel him next to me again. I want everything to be as it was before.

So he then walked into Jaylas room to pick me up.

"Im really sorry, Yn.." Jaden started a conversation as the car ride was quiet.
"I just need to hear your explanation, then I can talk to you as I did before.." I answered.
"I miss you.."
"So do i.. but you really messed up.."
"Ik ma.."
"Don't, just not now.."
"Sorry.."he whispered.

God I can't see him like this.
I know I'm gonna hurt myself even more, but I just can't.. I need to forgive him..whatever he says..

"If you won't forgive me.. remember I love you and always will.." he said.

I felt guilty.

"I love you too.."
He smiled.
I could not, so I smiled too.
I missed his smile, his dimples..
And I was just like one day..

Is that what love feels like?
Being obsessed with this one person?

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