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-Jaden pov-

I asked Javon for his help..
It wasn't a real secret about me and Yn dating for one day..

(That's cringe)

I love her.
I truly do.

Being honest,
Javon actually helped.

He said about taking her out and explain everything to her.
I hope it'll work, cause if not.. I really messed up.

I lost my favorite person..

The only one I truly love after a long time.

I did as Javon said.

I woke up.
Get ready for school.
And we all walked to school.
The only thing I did was staring at Yn..

"You really love her don't you?" Javon said quietly.
I just nod.

I only want to be able to hold Yn in my arms. And Hug her..
Is that too much to ask?
Just to talk to her would be good enough to make me smile again..

I'm happy I can see her.. or hear her voice.. her laugh..

-school ends-

I walked over to Everyone.. looking Yn directly into her eyes..

She looked at me..
I smiled as we hold eye contact..

She smiled back..
Only very softly..
Barely to see.

I wanna ask her when she's at our house.
I really hope she won't reject me.

I waited for some hours till she was stilling alone on the couch.

"Yn.." I said quietly, but loud enough for her to hear it.
"Mhm.." she said not looking at me.
" Wanna go to a restaurant..? So I can explain everything.."
"Please.." I whispered.
She sighed.
"Thank you.." I said smiling.
"Sure.." she then also smiled.

She stood up and hugged me.
I wanted to to last forever.

I hugged her back, not wanting to let go.

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