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-Yn pov-

I had a great day till now.

"It's was a what?!" Jayla screamed in shock.

I just stood there frozen.
"Yn I'm so sorry.." Amilia said.

"I- we just started to date like one day ago and now it comes out it was just a bet.." I said with pain in my voice.

"I'm gonna kill him right now!!" Jayla said walking out of the room, being followed by me and Amilia.

Before she could do something i stopped her.
"Don't, I'm gonna talk to him... just later.. till then I'm just gonna ignore him."

"You will !" Amilia said.

Shitty thing is.. we are leaving in 5 days...
To bora bora..

I thought it would be fun and good..
Guess it changed in just some minutes.

We watched inside out..
Jaden then came in..

"Ma, why haven't you talked to me ?" Jaden asked

I ignored him.
"What's wrong Jaden, can't you see? We are watching a movie!" Jayla said annoyed.
"Can I join?" Jaden asked

I would love to say yes..
But after what I found out..

I rather share my food with Javon.
And I never share.

"We are having a girls day.. and you don't look like a girl, right?" Amilia said.

Bro I love her for this!!

"Ehm, okay?" He said confused and pissed.

Is it bad for me to feel bad for him?

He kinda der served it, I mean you don't play with feelings..
Especially with mine..
It can end bad.

Let's just say..
I have anger issues.
Am I proud of it?
Ofc I am, not always but still.

I loved him.
I still do.

But I was just a bet.

-Jaden pov-

I found out Yn came over.
I walked into Jaylas room only to be kicked out again.

They're having a 'girls day'

I'm worried about only one thing..
Amilia and Yn..

When I talked to Tyler about the bet,
I saw Amilia standing there..
And she probably heard it.
Probably, she told Yn about it.

The thing is..
She hasn't heard the full conversation.

-back to the moment-


"I won the bet anyways so you can stop trying, Tyler" I said.
"Wow.. bit how can I be sure you really did?" Tyler asked.

I showed him a pic of me and Yn.
A cute one.
Also known as my background picture for some days...
Yep.. even before we started dating it was my background picture.

"Oohh.." Marc said.
"Shit up." Tyler said.
"Well anyways, the bet is over and you can break up with her now" Tyler added.
"What no!" I said
" you don't play with a girls feelings..plus I really like her anyways so don't even hope I will break up with her!" I added kinda angry.

"Too late, isn't it.." Tyler said pointing to Amilia talking to Yn.

I saw her before..
she probably heard what I said before..
But not this part..
The most important one.

-end of the moment-

Yep, she did found out about this stupid bet.
Jayla's mad.
Yn's mad.
And Amilia just kinda looks guilty, or bad for Yn.

Idk I can't read girls faces.
It's kinda complicated.
One had 100 meanings.

I really it gets better before we go to bora bora.
I don't want to ruin the vacation.

I feel sorry do Yn..
She will never belive me.
After this STUPID bet I won't get anyones trust.

I just need Yn..
My Yn..

I fucked up.
I need to make it up to her somehow..
But how?
That's the question..

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