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You woke up with a yawn and stretched.

"Ah.. my head" you groaned as you felt your throbbing temple.
"Yeah a hangover.."

You jumped when you realized you were laying on the demon.

"Ouch!" you let out as you held your arm.

Lance chuckled and stood up.
He walked up to you as you gulped staring back.

"Last night was fun.."
"I barely remember.." you mumbled and then gasped. "Vice!! He's probably looking for me!!"

You were about to dash for the door, but your legs would let you as you groaned in pain.

"Oww my head.." you whined and Damon put a cup of water to your lips.
"You certainly know how to get yourself hurt.."
"Shut up! It's not my fault"
"So what are you gonna give me?"

You paused and looked at his stern expression.

"Give you?"
"Yeah.. I can't just help you with the shaman for free you know."

You huffed and looked to the side.

You weren't surprised.
It's just, you didn't have anything you were willing to give.

You glanced at the bead bracelet which was fading.

"This bracelet!! It fades when Caides body gets too cold.. but when he's warm, it remains pink!" You informed Lance.

He grabbed your good wrist.

"Lucky you. You have something to keep track of his health" Damon smiled and let you go, "Keep his body warm and I'll work on getting the spirit out.. by the way how did he possess the shaman? I've never seen that"
"Bless beads of possession" You replied and he nodded.
"Interesting.. but you never answered my question"

Lance grabbed your hand and dipped you to the side, with his hand on your waist.

"So sweetie.. tell me what you'll give me~"

He had a sadistic expression and you gave him a look of disgust.
You wanted to slap him but due to your injuries, you couldn't even leave his grip.

"What? You told me about your daddy issues last night~"

Your face flushed and he smiled.

"I don't know what you're talking about!! Let go of me!" you yelled and he dropped the teasing.
"In all seriousness, what will you give me Y/n?"
"I don't know!! I'm not giving you my limbs or anything internal" you told him nervous and he didn't reply. "What do you want? Money??"

Lance just stared at you without replying.
He seemed to be thinking of a deal.

"Well.. you won't let me eat you so. Just let me lick your leg" he said calmly and you burst with embarrassment.
"What?! No way creep!!"
"Do you want to save your precious shaman or what? I'm not a creep, I'm fucking hungry Y/n.."

The last part of his sentence seemed aggressive.

Now fear rose in you.
How did you not realize how dangerous the situation was last night?

He could've easily killed and ate you while you were drunk.

"Why didn't you kill me?" you asked and he gave you a dumbfounded look.
"You don't remember? I'm sure it'll come back to you.."

Lance dragged you over to the couch and sat you down.
He got on his knees and looked up at you as you crossed your arms.

"Do we have a deal for now? I'll find a way to let you speak with your precious Caide if.."
"I know, I know!!" You yelled flustered cutting him off.

He smirked.

"Just hurry up, I need to get back to Vice" you mumbled and started pulling up your dress.

He chuckled, "Alright"


"Ah.." you let out in pain as he bit your thigh.

You held the end of your dress just above your thighs so he couldn't see anything.
Your heart beat rapidly as his tongue trailed your inner thigh.

I wish he would hurry up!! What's with the teasing?

You winced as you felt sharp teeth puncture your left thigh.

"You're doing so good~" he praised with his voice sounding deep.

You felt tingling in your stomach.

Lance licked at the blood and went over to the other thigh as he sucked on it.
Both his hands were gripped around your ankles.

"H-Hey!!" you yelled as he spread your legs wider.
"Calm down.." he demanded as he kissed your thigh.
"W-Why..?" you said nervously as he smirked against your skin and kissed another spot. "Are you done yet?" you asked and he bit your thigh making you moan.

"Please hurry up.." you begged as he licked at at the blood.

You felt his tongue travel upward but it didn't stop in the same spot as before.

"H-Hey!" you said again and tried to move him back with your arms but he caught your wrists.

You winced as he squeezed them, despite your injury.
He chuckled lightly and you gulped as he rose your thigh. He finally licked up all the blood and you looked down with a nervous smile.



"Alright are you sure you can walk back? I'll give you a ride home!" Lance stated cheerfully as if nothing had happened.
"I'm fine.." you mumbled still with a blushed face.

Damon grinned as he walked closer to you. You turned away as his hand trailed up your side.

"Actually.. I'm giving you a ride"


"Don't forget school tomorrow!! And I'll have something to help you by then!" He smiled as you waved back at the car.

Damon drove off and you looked at your house full of anxiety.

You were glad your long dress covered the marks Lance left.
Vice would not have been pleased.

You looked at the bracelet.


You rushed in the house and all the lights were off.

"Vice?" you said nervously.

You went to the bathroom and your eyes widened. Blood was on the sink, which you hoped was still from your arm.

Not only was there blood, there was brown hair.

You grabbed a lock and held it under the running sink.

"Oh no.." you bit your lip when you noticed the red highlights.
"Do you like it?"

You jumped at the voice behind you.

Vice had cut Caides hair!!

"His hair was really long.. so I made it look like mine. I hope you like it.." he wrapped his arms around you as you continued not to say a word.

"Where were you?"


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