Shades from Beyond: A Golden Purpose

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      A few years ago science had made very significant discoveries. Some of the newest medical treatments out there required gold like minute rods and spheres wrapped in gold. These nanoparticles were engineered to seek out tumor cells and destroy them or they could be used as an injectable drug or for reversible male contraception. But, in the future, gold nanoparticles can now be used to control our brain — or rather, to activate brain cells remotely and help treat neurological diseases depending on the person that uses these gold nanoparticles.

       However, one rich scientist named Nicholas Fessenden has created a golden ring from gold nanoparticles that can control the human mind once the person wears the golden ring on a finger and it can do several other wonderful things. Now that is too much power for one person to hold and as Nicholas Fessenden is about to find out there are some things that have a reason to be discovered. Nicholas had received his doctorate degrees in nanotechnology and biotechnology at Harvard University. Throughout his academic career Nicholas was more invested in his studies, but if there was ever one person that could persuade him to take a break it was the lovely Olivia Rogers who was a tremendous computer programmer who easily understood Quantum Physics. Olivia had always told Nicholas that it was good to work on something that had a helpful purpose for society. The two of them would bounce off ideas of each other on how different inventions could make life better for a great deal of people all around the world.

      Olivia also believed in something her mother Riley Rogers had told her, which was that the human mind was the best tool to guide the purpose of a person. After all, a focused mind can lead a person towards wonderful things and that one day with the constant advancements in technology that the mind would eventually triumph over matter. Olivia had shared this idea with Nicholas and he liked the idea of how in a future full of progress that the notion of mind over matter would be a possible concept. Nicholas was always looking for ways through nanotechnology to help aid the frailty of the human body. During his lunch breaks from work Nicholas liked to walk around in the park that was nearby where his company was. He noticed a 3 year old by the name of Frank that was supervised by his nanny Julia Varney that liked to play chess with the older players and he noticed that the child had a natural aptitude for it. Nicholas had asked Julia about Frank and she told him that the child had a genius IQ. Nicholas always liked to watch Frank play chess since the child could easily defeat many of the adults. By this time Nicolas was still single and the only woman that had captivated his heart and his mind was the intelligent and charming Olivia Rogers.

        Nicholas had always wanted to be with Olivia, but that was not the case since she had to help out her family who had to move away because her Richard Rogers father had gone bankrupt. He still kept the pictures that they took together on the top of his drawer.  Nicholas missed Olivia when she left and as he focused on his education he decided that his work would eventually help other people. Many years had passed since he graduated and then he formed his own company called Kanevek. When Nicholas found a way to enhance the capabilities of the golden ring made out of gold nanoparticles he was certain that good things would come out of it. In the beginning Nicholas would use the ring to control the actions of animal test subjects. Afterwards, Nicholas used future sick subjects and their exposure to the other golden rings that were made cured them of their diseases. One day when a couple of scientists were visiting his company to see the progress that he had made Nicholas while wearing one of the golden rings noticed that a scientist by the name of Martin Douglas was thinking of killing himself after he had recently found out that he had cancer. After Nicholas was done with his demonstration he had asked to talk to Martin Douglas by himself. When the two of them met Nicholas told Martin that he had peered into his thoughts and that he should not kill himself with the gun that he kept in the safe that he had in the closet from his bedroom. Martin did not kill himself and he was grateful to receive help from Nicholas as he was going to help him get the best treatment possible.

       One day when Nicholas went out on his lunch break he noticed that he had the golden ring inside the pocket of his shirt. He walked towards the park and saw that Frank was sad and Julia told Nicholas that Frank was sad because he had just found out that his mother had a tumor that was in a place that could not be operated on. Julia also told Nicholas that Frank had lost his father who was a journalist when he was 2 years of age because he was killed while covering a foreign war. Nicholas went to console Frank and he told Nicholas that he wished that in his mother's case that mind over matter would prevail. Nicholas then asked Frank what was the name of his mother to which he replied that his mother's name was Olivia Rogers. Nicholas told Frank to take the gold ring that he gave him and to tell his mother that this ring came from Nicholas Fessenden and that she should place it on her forehead to be cured. Afterwards, Nicholas asked Julia where Olivia lived since she was someone that he had known. Julia gave Nicholas the address and after he got off work he went to visit Julia who was being attended by her mother Riley. Olivia was glad to see Nicholas and he told her that there was a way to eliminate her tumor. Julia was curious to know how a golden ring that her son gave to her could help her. Nicholas then explained what the ring could do and its additional applications. After the explanation Olivia was on her bed and Nicholas put the golden ring on her forehead. The golden ring gave a radiant yellow glow while it was placed on her forehead. As the days followed Olivia was completely cured and as time passed Nicholas married Olivia and for the first time in his life Nicholas felt that his life had a wonderful new purpose which was to take care of his family. Nicholas was glad that he had created something that saved the life of the person who truly understood and cherished him while also having a means to share what he had learned so far in his life with Frank so that he would become a person that could become an adult that knew what he wanted while also learning how to be an upstanding citizen with a promising future.

                                                          The End

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