Chapter 2: First Failure

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I edited some parts of Chapter 1 to make it clearer. FYY transmigrated to a kid's body and basically grew up here. At the present time, he is 22 y/o.

As the sun was setting, the party arrived at the last stop before entering Suliang.

It was an inn meant for envoys, noblemen, and the richest merchants so the accommodations were rather acceptable.

And yet, Feng Yanyan still had to share a room with someone as a dozen beauties were divided into pairs. There were six male and female beauties each.

Naturally, people of the same gender would stay with each other.

Feng Yanyan thought he was stuck with Zhang Yunlei because of their similar status among the beauties.

The truth was Zhang Yunlei was the youngest di son of the Zhang clan. The clan headed by the current Minister of Rites. Most of his cousins and brothers passed the civil exams already. There was no need for another so they sent him to the palace as a beauty to see how far he would go.

>嫡 - dí - first wife; so a di son is the son of the first wife<

Meanwhile, Feng Yanyan was the third shu son of the declining Feng clan. They held a General title a few generations back but weren't able to retain it. They hadn't produced a high-ranking military official nowadays.

>庶 - shù - born of a concubine<

In terms of true status, Feng Yanyan was far inferior but it wasn't his fault he was favored by the Empress because of his good looks. It made them seem equal in standing.

To his surprise, an old voice called him. "Beauty Feng and Beauty Zhang, you will each have your own room. It's smaller than others but you don't have to share."

Feng Yanyan looked at the momo in delight and cupped his hands. "Thanking Liu momo!"

>嬤嬤 - mó mo - elderly lady/wet nurse. In this context, she is a trusted palace elder maid<

Zhang Yunlei by his side did the same.

Of course, Feng Yanyan didn't forget to smile smugly at his peers who had to share rooms.

Liu momo wasn't done talking. "Tomorrow will be the last day I see you. Make sure to serve wang ye well and be the palace's constant support. This is my last lesson for all of you."

>王 - wáng - fist rank prince/king; 爺 - yé - Lord; literally Lord King/Lord Prince<

This palace momo had been with them since they first entered the Imperial Palace. Their ages back then were 13-18. After four years, they were now being sent to the place where they would stay forever. As long as they weren't kicked out.

Feng Yanyan's eyes were lowered. But he knew that not all of them would soar like phoenixes.

That night, he was feeling melancholic so he didn't go straight to bed. He opened his windows to admire the moon. He had to think about his next steps carefully.

The novel said there would be an encounter here. Something about an assassin and Junwang.

Feng Yanyan needed to be proactive.

Just as he was thinking about this, the corner of his eyes caught movement in the yard below. It was a person clothed in black moving suspiciously. This was his chance!

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