Kakashi's POV

   What are these Sand Village ninja doing? We were their allies...

   Sasuke ran off after Gaara. Something doesn't seem right about him. I sensed some strange chakra emitting from him during the fight against Sasuke. His siblings weren't exactly ordinary, either. Especially the red-haired girl. I sensed similar chakra between her and Gaara.

   "Sakura!" I called her. "Good thing I taught you genjutsu.. You seem to have some talent for it. Go release the genjutusu and wake up Naruto, Hikari, and Shikamaru."

   She looked over at her friends. "Shouldn't I wake up Choji and Ino? The five of us can go as a group."

   I had to explain quickly why a squad should have four as opposed to a larger group, but I didn't want to leave anyone of my squad behind, I wanted Shikamaru on the squad, and I had one other member. Nodding in understanding, Sakura asked who he fifth person was.

   "Pakkun will help you," I said, before making a hand sign, pressing a palm on a sleeping person's back. "Summoning jutsu!"

   In a puff of smoke, Pakkun the ninja hound appeared. I told him to find Sasuke. Sakura complained about how a "puppy" shouldn't be the fourth member of her squad, then woke up Naruto and Shikamaru.

   Withing a few minutes, the four departed through a hole in a wall, making a beeline toward Sasuke.

* * *

Suzume's POV

   After a while of running, We run into none other than Sasuke Uchiha. I was in the far back in our group, so I showed up after a few second delay. Hiding in the leaves, I saw what the commotion was about.

   Temari stepped forward. "I'll take care of him." She said with determination in her eyes.

   "Not so fast," I said, stepping out of the shadows. "Temari, Go ahead. I'll catch up with you in a few minutes."

   She agreed after a moment of hesitation, handing Gaara over to Kankuro, then taking off through the foliage. Sasuke tried to run after Gaara, but I easily stopped him.

   I smirked. "I've been wanting to fight you since I saw you train. Rumor has it you took down Neji Hyuga," Sasuke began, curiosity and readiness to fight sparked in his eyes.

   "I honestly didn't know he was such a big deal," I said with a shrug. I unplugged my jar of air. Sasuke watched as my wind formed a spiral motion around me.

   First, Sasuke leaped into the air, throwing three shuriken at me. "Ha!" I laughed as the shuriken were all deflected by my wind shield. He gave me a questioning glance, probably in regards to my green chakra.

   I sent a stream of air in his direction, trying to knock him off the branch. He kept dodging it, jumping from branch to branch.

   "Unfortunately for you, I didn't have my match yet, so I have all my chakra. I'm wondering what I should do with you," I said, pacing a branch. He tried to catch his breath. "Try to attack me. I dare you," I teased.

   In the blink of an eye, Sasuke appeared on the branch in front of me. He made a few quick hand signs. "Fire style! Phoenix flower jutsu!"

   An array of fireballs were headed in my direction. Using my wind, I stirred up the sand on the ground below us, creating a swirling dust cloud around me. The sand stopped the fire from touching me. "How boring," I said, arms crossed. "I don't even have to move, do I?" Sasuke gritted his teeth, then sent another fireball toward me.

   Time to put some taijutsu to work! I jumped to a thinner branch, and swung using my hands over to where Sasuke was, planting a sharp kick in the center of his chest. He plummeted to the ground, and I lightly landed beside him. "You're finished!" I said triumphantly before throwing a kunai into his chest, letting him lay limp on the ground.

* * *

   To my surprise, what I thought was Sasuke turned into a log! A substitution! Even worse, the log had a paper bomb attached.

   Shukaku, protect me!

   I do too much for you, kid, you know that?

   You're paying the price for me having to know you.

   Once the explosion cleared, I realized that none of it had hit me! A green shield surrounded me like a bubble. In front of me stood none other than Sasuke Uchiha. He looked quite shocked that I was inches away from a paper bomb, and am unscathed. I managed a smile.

   "I'm not done with you!" I sent air out to hold his feet down, but he outran it. Drawing on even more of Shukaku's power, I lifted myself off the ground, headed off towards my siblings. I turned back towards Sasuke. Surprisingly, he didn't launch any attacks toward me. Somehow, I wasn't as tired as I expected.

* * *

   It was worth the risk of having Sasuke follow me back. I no longer sensed him chasing me from behind by the time I reached Gaara. Temari was carrying him, but Kankuro was nowhere to be found.

   The tiredness came back to me in a rush of fatigue. "Kankuro..." I panted.

   Sorry, but you can't keep fighting forever.  

   "He stayed back to fight Shino," She said, her pace not slowing.

   My jaw dropped. Shino? The bug boy? I know I should have more faith in my brother, but Kankuro can't beat Shino!

   I quickened my pace to keep up with Temari. "What happened to Sasuke?" She asked.

   I sighed. "He used a substitution. He should still be on our trail," Temari shot me a frustrated look. "But I should have delayed him for at least a little while."

   "Fine," She muttered. Gaara blinked open his eyes.

   "Temari," He murmured. "Let me go,"

   "Are you sure?" She asked, letting him try to stand up. "Gaara, we need you for the plan to work."

   "Go away, Temari," Gaara hissed, knocking her out of the way, sending Temari flying out to the side. Instinctively, I sent a blanket of air to soften her fall. But she landed harder than I expected, coming in contact with the ground with a hard thud.

   Looking into the trees, I saw none other than the one and only Sasuke Uchiha.

* * *

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