Chapter 20: It Never Ends

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Liam watched as the dust from the tube fell onto the ground. Liam waited for something to happened. He waited for Thomas, hoping he would come to the rescue.

Liam began slowly backing away from Scarlett who was too busy looking at the dust. When the remains from Thomas emptied from the tube in the air conditioner, Scarlett looked at Liam. The door to his room slammed shut. Scarlett continued staring at Liam with anger and hatred.

The lights flickered on and off and every time it came on Scarlett was a step closer to Liam. Then the lights stayed on and she was gone.

The wind started to blow hard. Liam heard cracking noises come from the window. He backed away towards the door placing his hands on the door nob. He turned it but it didn't open.

The window cracked even more then it shattered. A white fogged entered the room and formed into Thomas's body.

"You did it Liam!" Thomas said with a smile.

Liam walked up to him. "Scarlett has my family!" He said. "Please help me!"

Thomas frowned then nodded. "Come before we're too late!" He said opening the doors.

Thomas opened the door only to find bloody children standing and broken mirrors shattered all over the floor. Standing behind them all was Mr. Vladimir. He was shaking violently.

Before Thomas could close the door Vladimir ran into the room. He had his bloody arm around Liam's neck. Liam elbowed him in the stomach, he felt the inside of the Mr.'s stomach. Vladimir stumbled back and tried to grab Liam again but missed. By now the the children were crawling and running for Liam.

Liam ran to the window and put his leg out on the roof. "Thomas help!" He yelled.

Thomas took Liam's hand. "Hang on. I don't know if this will work." Thomas rose into the air with Liam but only got so far before he accidentally dropped Liam onto the ground.

Liam wasn't hurt bad but his ankle sprung. He tried to get up and fell the first time. "It hurts." He said holding his ankle.

"We have to get to the basement quick or it'll be to late to save your parents." Thomas said. Thomas helped Liam up and let him lean against himself.

The front door was locked.

Thomas turned and faced Liam. "Listen to me Liam. Get someone to call the police and bring them to the basement."

"But!..." Liam said.

"Trust me! Just do it. You're going to need back up just in case Liam. What if I can't stop her?" Thomas said.

"What if you can't? That's it? My parents will be gone forver?" Liam said. A tear fell from his eye.

Thomas patted him on the shoulder. "Trust me Liam. We'll stop her. But do as I say."

Liam nodded and walked off into the darkness calling out for someone to help him.

Thomas smiled as he watched Liam leave. His smile turned into a laugh and he walked away.


Liam was able to get the neighbors to call the police. He informed them of intruders and that someone kidnapped his parents.

He waited with the neighbors until he her the sounds of sirens from a police car. There were other sirens behind the car.

Liam thanked his neighbors then ran outside to the policemen.

"They're in the basement!" He yelled to them.

"Alright kid we got it from here. Stay put okay!" An officer said.

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