April 20, 2015 - #WattpadSound Challenge 1

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Wattpad stories have never sounded better. Last week, we announced an exciting new partnership with SoundCloud that allows Android users to add audio to stories. To celebrate, we'll be hosting four weekly #WattpadSound challenges to get you excited about the new feature, starting today.

Bang! Crash! Ka-boom! This week, we challenge you to bring your story to life using sound effects. Whether it's the spooky sound of an old creaky door, or the crashing of ocean waves against a pirate ship, we want to hear your story come alive.

Once you've added sound to your story, be sure to tag it #WattpadSound for a chance to be featured in our reading list.

Don't know how to add audio? Feel free to check out this easy step-by-step guide: http://w.tt/1JnF8Yj

This week's challenge ends on Sunday, April 26th, 2015. Check back next Monday for our second #WattpadSound challenge! Don't forget to check out some other stories with sound for inspiration: http://w.tt/1JnFb6k

UPDATE: Congratulations, @randomcatxx! Your story My Bloody Valentine has been added to our Stories With Sound reading list. We absolutely loved your sound effects. Check it out here: http://w.tt/1JvG1kY

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