Part 80 - Gone Without A Trace

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Rick's POV -------

"Sasha be quiet! We don't wanna drew any wa-" my sentence was interrupted by god knows how many walkers there were, but they had caught wind of where we were and quickly dropped on us we had to get out of there quick, "Run! There's too many! Meet back at the warehouse!" I yanked on of the officers in the opposite direction, my eyes began to scan for everyone in the group. Where was Jess? I couldn't see her and the walkers were approaching us in all different directions. "Jess!... Jess! Where are you!" I yelped but to no avail. She was gone I couldn't see her. "Rick C'mon!" Tyreese began to pull me along, before I even realised that I thought I had been moving but my feet were stuck on the spot. "I need to go back for Jess, she's not here!" I replied back. Frantically zig zagging my vision between the group. "She'll be fine Rick, but the rest of us won't be if we stay here!" He yelled back trying to persuade me to leave the woman I loved, and my unborn child. "Okay... Go to the warehouse then we go look for her" I gave in, noticing the ever growing horde of the undead.

"Go go go, slip through the gap then close them" Daryl demanded as everyone began to slip through the gap left between the large warehouse doors. "Oh god... What have I done?" I said out loud "Rick I told you she'll be okay" Tyreese explained. "What do you mean?" Daryl questioned, looking around not even realising that Jess wasn't here. "I told Rick that Jess will be fine she can handle herself" he replied, calmly and collectively. Daryl snorted and began pacing "She can handle herself? She's like seven months pregnant amongst a huge surge of walkers, who was recently getting pains because of how stressed she was but hey! She can handle herself!" Daryl had stood in front of Tyreese and began to square him up, I knew he was ready for a fight. "Did you talk Rick in to leaving her?" Daryl continued before looking at me, "Did he?!" He asked again, his feet began shuffling on the floor in anticipation to the answer of his initial question. I couldn't speak, all I could do was slowly nod before my head flopped onto my splayed out palms. I needed to go and find here I couldn't leave her, if anything happened to her, I couldn't forgive myself, I loved her too much. I shot up on the spot, straightened myself up and cocked my gun. "I'm going to get her" I declared, before walking towards the door. "Me too" Daryl answered and began to walk in my direction, "I guess I am too" Sasha said too in a quiet tone before dragging Tyreese with her. With that we left the ware house to find Jess, and I wasn't going to give up until I found her... Even if it killed me.

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