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Now I'm Jadens Girlfriend.

Is it good or bad?

Me and the girls still wanted to hang out after school.
At like 5 pm so..
One hour left.

It's 4 pm rn.
I was face-timing Jaden.

He's sweet.

We talked about random things until.

Jayla walked into his room.

"Jaden! Can I borrow a- YN!!"
"Hey Jayla!!"
"Why are you talking with her rn?" She asked.
"We are also good friends so I can also talk to her. She doesn't only belong to you."Jaden answered.

"Well don't take her away from me tho."
"Learn to share Jayla." Jaden said.
"Y'all done arguing?" I joined the conversation.
"Yeah." Jayla said then.
"see you in one hour!" Jayla screamed before leaving Jadens room.

"Y'all are meeting up again?" Jaden asked.
"Are you coming over at ours after?"
"I don't know.. but I think so."

"Wanna stay over then?" He added.
"Sure, I just need to pack the things for tomorrow school."
"You don't need to pack any clothes tho."
"You are warring mine." He said with a smile.
"If you insist J"

Soon it was time to get ready so we hung up .

We again just went out to eat something and talked.
We also took some pics and posted some.
Soon we went over to the Walton's.

"YN!!" Daelo greeted me.
"Hey buddy!"i greeted back.
"Did somebody said Yn?" Javon screamed from upstairs.
"Yeah she's here!" Jayla said.
"YNN!!!" Jaden screamed and ran Downstairs.

Javon was right behind him.

They both hugged me.

As Javon hugged me Jaden seemed a bit jealous.

"Don't be jealous.." I whispered as he hugged me.
"I'm not, ma .." he whispered back.

This gave me butterflies.
I love it.
I love him.

We all went live to answer some questions.

'Are Yn and Jaden dating???'
'Y'all are pretty'
'What's your favorite Disney princess?'
'Fav movie'
'Javon or Jaden'

"We are not dating" I said.
Me and Jaden didn't want to tell anyone about us.
We wanted to wait a bit .

"Thank you!" Amilia said.

"MULAN!! but also Tiana" Jayla said
"I'd go with.. Ariel." Amilia said.

"Elsa, for sure!!" Javon said.

"I'd go with ( whatever princess witch looks kinda like you / I know he said Ariana on the live but hopefully yk what I mean with this)

" definitely ( your fav princess)" I said.

"Javon or Jaden..? YN!! DUH!!" Jayla said.
"Jayla!!!!" Amilia said
"ME!!" Javon said.
"YNN!!" Jaden said.
"DALEO!!" I said.

Everyone looked at me then.
"You betrayed me.." jayla began to sing.
"You did not!!" Amilia said laughing.
"YNN! YOU HAD TO PICK ME!' Javon said.
"YN!! What about me?" Jaden said.
" Thanks Yn!" Daelo came into the room and hugged me.
"Ofc Buddy!"

We soon then ended the live and talked more.

We all went to bed after.
Jaden insisted to sleep in his room.
I needed to anyway cause Amilia stayed too.
She was sleeping with Jayla in one room.

Me and Jaden cuddled and he kissed my forehead before drifting off to sleep.

I felt safe.
And loved.
He's all I need right now.
He's the best thing that happened in my life.

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