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Next day of hell.
I get ready to meet Jayla, the twins and Amilia.
We all walked to school cause it was good wether, so why not.

Today I've got the subjects I don't really like..
They're fine but definitely not the best .

"Ehm..Yn.. can we maybe talk later.. like after school?" Jaden suddenly asked.
"Uhm.. sure."

What does he want to talk about?

-Jaden pov-

6 days before our vacation with Yn I want to finally 'confess' to her.

I was thinking about my feelings for quite a long time now.
And now I'm sure...

I do like Yn..

More then a friend.

At first it was really just a bet for me..
I still cared about her but now..
I have hard feeling for her..

So I asked her to talk after school.

-Yn pov-

After all those periods ended..
I saw Jaden waiting for me..

"Hey!" He greeted me.
"So how you doing?"he asked.
"Good, you?"
"Also good."
"What did you wanted to talk about?"

"Uhm.. so.." he started.
"We are getting along pretty well for quite a long time, right?"
"Right.." i said.
"And I was thinking about everything.. and my feelings for you.."


"I'm sure now I like you..."

"You.. like me?" I asked confused , not expecting this.

"Yeah.. and that's totally okay if you don't like me back.."he said.

"Well actually I don't 'like' you... I
..love you.."he continued.

"I-I.. Jaden.."
" I shouldn't have said that.." he blamed himself..

"I like you too.." I whispered.

"You do..?" Jaden asked softly.

"So.. Wanna be my.. girlfriend?"
"I'd love to."

He did it..
He asked me.

The boy I didn't like before..
He asked me to be his girlfriend.

Was it stupid to say yes...?

Great.. now my overthinker phase is back.
Well it never really left.

I mean I do like him..
but does he really like me..
Or like he says 'love' me ??

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