Chapter Twenty-two

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Quentin, Billie discovered, was a highly creative individual. In fact, they spent most of the weekend discovering just how creative they both could be. It was starting to become a rivalry as to who could come up with the most creative idea as Billie refused to be out done.

The tabloids were having a field day. They caught photos of them coming and going from the apartment. Pictures were splattered all over social media of them having coffee, sharing an ice cream, sparring together at Johnny G's gym.

As Billie flipped through the last posts she laughed and showed him how many views it got, still taking note that 'them making out on the bus video' still topped them all.

Quentin flopped on the couch next to her and handed her a bottle of water, since they just came in from a run. "It makes sense, that kid got a front row seat."

"I like that its raw," Billie commented, watching them kissing again. "I can't stand the montages they put together of us hanging out. It looks like a bad preview for some romcom."

Quentin nearly spit his water out but thankfully managed to swallow. "You're right," he managed after clearing his throat. "They do come off rather cheesy. You think we should step up our game?"

Billie pulled her feet up under her and shifted on the couch to look at him. "What did you have in mind?" she asked leaning on her head on her elbow and a sexy smile graced her lips.

Quentin put his water down. "Let's see, we've done cute. Half of New York is loving us as a couple already. I think we can win the other half over by being more you know..."

"Sexy, seductive, steamy," Billie supplied.

"Good adjectives. Yes, something like that," Quentin agreed.

"But we need for it to be convincing," Billie said moving closer, "you know what a bad liar I am."

"The worst," Quentin smirked as he slid closer to her. "You're right maybe you're not up to this challenge?"

"But with a master of deception such as yourself to guide me surely I could pull off... I don't know, something like this?"

Billie got to her knees, cupped his face with her hands and pulled him towards her for a kiss. She felt him smile but Quentin did not give in as she teased at his lower lip.

She sat back and frowned. Billie's eyes squinted as she took him in assessing, she tried again. Feather light her lips glided against his. Still Quentin did not respond. Why was he holding back? Was he trying to teach her a lesson? Was he trying to show her he wasn't as affected by her as she's come to believe?

Confused she sat back again. "Don't you want to kiss me?"

"I do," Quentin confessed, "badly, but I've never pretended with you and I'm not about to start now. What makes your lips against mine feel so delectable is the taste of passion you place upon them. The need I feel, as you press for entrance into my mouth. How your breath warms my soul. Anyone can kiss, Billie, but when we kiss all I can think of is you. The world melts from view and there is only you and me, in a moment of bliss. That's not something you can fake."

Quentin's stare was intense, his words alone conjured up images of how he kissed her time and time again. How his kisses caused her heart to flutter and her body to ache with need. How every cell in her body would come alive and zing. Tingling with anticipation and desire. A need for him which only he could fulfill.

Billie was now more determined than ever to make him feel as she felt. Quentin's eyes widened at first with surprised but then flashed with a deeper connection as his gaze locked on hers. Billie did not rush in, instead took a moment to devour him just with her eyes. She refused to touch him but thought of how his arms felt when he wrapped them around her body, the feel of his chest, bare beneath her finger tips, how much she enjoyed pleasuring him.

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