Chapter 2 - Not as dumb as I thought

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I open my eyes lazily. What did I do yesterday evening again ? The images coming back in my head seem to be too unreal. It's impossible that I slept with Wes...

Anyway I definitely had it off with somebody ! The pain I feel in an inappropriate place and the guy asleep against me proves it !

I shift a bit and lift my head.

It's Wes ! All the memories of the day before pass through my mind. I begin to panic. Shit, he's really gonna beat me up. I have to clear off before he wakes up.

A coward to the very end, I remove his arm from my shoulder and go over his sleeping body. He frowns in his sleep. I take some new underpants from my closet and slip them on a hurry. Now I'm very afraid, he might get into a towering rage when he wakes up. During my short life I've never suffered a real beating up, one or two exchanges of punches, but nothing more.

I pick up my jeans from the ground. Putting in one leg, I hear Wes moving behind me. I freeze.

I muster what little courage I have, I finish pulling the piece of clothing on and decide to take the situation thoughtlessly. Closing my fly, I stand opposite him.

Seeing his face, he doesn't remember anything. He stares at me as if he is seeing me for the first time. He's sitting, nude, on my bed and holds his head in his hands.

"Why do I have the impression that somebody pierced my head with a nail?" he asks with a groggy voice. "And who are you ?"

I close the button on my jeans.

"We've met last night at the Cross, a bar. Do you recall?"

He has the typical face of a guy who knows he did something goddamn stupid, but can't quite remember what.

"It doesn't explain why I'm starker."

"Because I undressed you."

I avoid letting even one single feeling show on my face. I look around for my t-shirt.

"What ?"

I sigh and pick up my pullover to smooth it out.

"Have you forgotten everything from last evening ? Aren't there some details which give you a clue ?"

I stare at him with an indifferent air. It looks like I just taught him that earth is round.

"Wait, he stammers. It's impossible ! We have... this night ?"

I shrug my shoulders and pull on my t-shirt.

"That's right ! I carried you here to sleep with you. (His eyes become bigger. I decide to ram the point home and tap my lips, thoughtfully.) I noticed you in class a long time ago. Nearly one year ! I've always found you attractive. So, when I came across you yesterday, miserable as you were, I took advantage of the situation. I wanted to try you."

His jaw dislocates with shock, it's almost comical. I turn towards a drawer, where I take out some socks.

"Sorry, I know that feeling used this way is not really flattering. At least you have taken revenge on your bitch girlfriend. (He frowns, I snigger.) Although I imagine you won't boast about what we did last night with your pals."

I slip my socks on under his staggered gaze, then my shoes. I pick up my bag and inspect my reflection in the mirror. I put my bangs back, my tongue runs over my teeth.

"But don't worry, it'll stay between us. I'm not a talkative type. By the way, it was brilliant yesterday evening" I say with a neutral tone lifting my two thumbs up. "You managed it well."

He goes all red. Funny...

"Well... That's not all, but I have a meeting right now. Take your time ; you can even use the shower. The keys are on the desk. Close the door with them when you leave and put them in my mailbox. See you ! (I stand-still, hand on the knob and I turn once more toward him.) Oh FYI, my name's Timothy !"

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