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Sherlock joined the chatroom

Sherlock added Watson

Sherlock- John, you must have a look at this, a classic picture of you!

Watson- Do I look devishly handsome?

Sherlock- I am not sure about that, but yes I may agree with that statement. I will send it to you.... How do I send it to you?

Watson- You want me to explain this to you AGAIN? *sigh* Ok, so you see that little paper clip in the corner. Press it and go into copy URL then-

Sherlock- Ok, John! You don't have to go on. There, I sent it!

Sherlock sends an attachment

Watson opened the attachment

Watson- Oh, well...

Sherlock- Well John? Isn't it hilarious?

Watson- Not as funny as yours...

Sherlock- What?

John sends an attachment

Sherlock opened the attachment

Sherlock- I swear if that thing doesn't shut up... Oh my god. That is disgraceful.

Watson- Yours is wonderful! hahaha xD

Sherlock- I must tell Lestrade to track these people down, now. I will contact him.

Watson- He won't do it because of a picture you do not like!

Sherlock- Yes... but we can keep your picture.

Watson- What? No, you must delete mine, or I will keep yours...

Sherlock- An empty threat...

Watson- So, you wouldn't mind if I put it on my blog....?

Watson left the chatroom

Sherlock- John... seriously? John? John, wait!

Sherlock left the chatroom


Hilarious xD

What are your opinions on these wonderful otter-Sherlock and hedgehog-John comparisons?

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