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Jai's POV
We got out of class and went to the cafeteria, I was carrying Jennifer bridal style and the teacher yelled "put her down""sorry, that you feel jealous that your too fat to be carried" she gave me a 'I'm gonna kill you face' but I don't care. I only care about my bæ Jennifer. I love her just look at her she is pretty like heaven was just made. We got our lunch and sat in are table, if you are wondering the table we sit fits up to like 15-20 people. The rest came and sat with us, we talked about random things and that's when it came, spin the bottle. We decided if the same gender lands it has to be a kiss on the cheek I was quite nervous. Why, well because I don't want Jennifer to get mad or jealous at all. This is why I hate these games uuuughghghh.

-sorry for short chapters-

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