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I slept stiffly on the edge of the bed.

Feeling wet, dry and slightly sore, I knew anyway that I'd gotten what I'd wanted. I guess I should have been content – "satisfied", if you wanted to stay with the general theme – the scene – the obscene picture of a man and boy naked in the same bed, one spent and exhausted, the other with more reason to be, the other with scars on his back and an arse leaking someone else's cum – you could guess which was which, and thinking back now I know fucking well that the fact that the other one was me was not in anyone's black book a fine stroke of good luck. I'd like to let anyone think what they'd like to think – that night marked the start of my change.

– But I wasn't a wee green caterpillar snuggling away into a cocoon on its way to waking up to wings. It wasn't the beginning of a metamorphosis.

It was a transmutation.

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