Chapter 14

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Korin walked over to the pool. He only realized after he got there that Ádan was utterly naked. It hadn't occurred to Korin—in the baths at school, because they were public, people had always worn bathing clothes of some sort. 

Not that Ádan seemed uncomfortable having Korin there. And wasn't this what Korin wanted?

"Come on in," Ádan said.

"I seem to be overdressed."

Ádan stood slowly, then put his hands on the side and levered himself up out of the pool. The muscles along his shoulders and down his back flexed with the easy motion. In two steps he was standing in front of Korin. In a low voice, he said, "I could help with that."

Korin nodded his assent. Ádan slid his hands up under Korin's shirt. Ádan's skin was overwarm and rough from the water. He left a damp trail up Korin's stomach, over his chest, scraping Korin's nipples with his thumbs as he went. Korin's body knew nothing of the doubts and hesitations swirling through Korin's mind. It only knew the heat of the room, the heat of Ádan's touch. Korin was hard and ready and it was already impossibly difficult to remember why he'd hesitated at all.

Ádan lifted the loose shirt over Korin's head, slid it down Korin's back, freed Korin's arms, then tossed it aside. Korin kicked off his shoes as Ádan's hands ran down his sides, skimmed over his hips—first outside his clothes, then again, burrowing under to bare skin. 

Leaning forward, Ádan slowly closed the distance between them to catch Korin in a languid kiss. His tongue probed Korin's mouth as his thumbs ran along the top edge of Korin's thigh and his fingertips dug into Korin's ass. Korin stopped thinking, stopped worrying, let his thoughts melt into his body.

Ádan sucked in Korin's lower lip, worried it gently, then moved down to Korin's neck, his lips and teeth finding sensitive spots Korin hadn't known existed. Korin had to put his hands on Ádan's shoulders to steady himself as Ádan sank lower, kissing his way down Korin's chest as he pushed the rest of Korin's clothes down. Ádan ended up on his knees before Korin, but stopped his progress with a kiss just below Korin's navel. He reached up to Korin's hands on his shoulders, brought them to his mouth, peeled off Korin's gloves and sucked on each fingertip in turn. The feel of Ádan's tongue against Korin's rough, scarred skin was dangerously intimate and desperately erotic all at once. Korin swayed forward, as Ádan pulled back.

Ádan looked up at Korin, a teasing smile dancing across his lips. "Ready for the pool?"

 At this moment, Korin would have agreed to anything. He stepped free of the puddle of clothes at his feet and let Ádan pull him over to the water.

The silky heat of the water sliding over his skin was as amazing as Korin remembered. Only this was better, with no clothes, it enveloped him, embraced him.

"The look on your face right now," Ádan whispered against Korin's ear. His tongue traced along Korin's earlobe, making Korin twitch. "I start to think beneath that controlled wizard veneer lurks a true sensualist."

Korin turned in Ádan's arms, done with games, done with slow. He straddled Ádan's lap, feeling his every movement against the water, a constant caress along his awakened, sensitized skin. Ádan's fingers dug into Korin's shoulders as Korin caught his mouth in a hungry, desperate kiss. Ádan's tongue swirled around his own as their bodies pressed together.

Ádan's hands moved down Korin's back, a relaxed, languid stroke, but Korin could feel the tension in Ádan's body. It echoed the need in his own. The water made a delicious, slippery friction between them. 

Korin rubbed against Ádan, lost in the sensation. Till Ádan caught his hand again and leaned back to put space between them. With unquestionable deliberation, Ádan moved Korin's hand down to wrap it around Ádan's cock.

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