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                                                                            THE FIRST DOOR

The boy panted in the middle of the road. He looked all around him, at the telephone wires criss-crossing the sky, the birds perching on the TV aerials, the box hedges and the flowerbeds, the neighbours' houses and his own.

"You alright there, Sheedy?"

The boy smiled and nodded to the woman peering over the garden fence. His legs were shaking something terrible, hands feeling slippery but drying, cracking.

"It's about quarter to. Best get home, your mam'll be looking for you."

He didn't wave. He wiped his hands on the inside of his pockets, desperately. Quickly, dry them off. Hot day, hot day... Too hot...

He walked into the sun towards the front door of his house. It stood ajar, its glossy black surface sweating in the early afternoon heat. He lifted a hand, and he pushed open the door.

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