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Chapter 21 - Charlotte's P.O.V

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It had been almost a week since I had gone back to Toronto with my parents and sister.

I was sitting in a chair – getting my hair cut and my make-up applied for my sister’s wedding. I was pretty reluctant about going, especially because her dad and sisters were going to be there. I had no one to be there for me; but everything that had happened made me realise how important my family are and how stupid I was to build barriers and shut them out. Well, of course after what Matt did to me, my barriers were even taller than before.

I hadn’t spoken to Jenna or Sarah since then either; no doubt they had put men before their friend and stayed with the guys on tour. I just couldn’t get my head around why they would want to stay there.

When I came up from my thoughts and got dressed, I felt the urge to call Jenna, but I restrained myself. Tonight was the last night of the tour so they probably didn’t want me calling and ruining their fun.

I came down stairs and we made our way into the wedding car. I hated this. I knew that, in the car in front of us, Jasmine’s dad and her sisters - the bridesmaids – were also making their way to the church. I didn’t want to do anything rash, but I was unsure as to whether or not I would be able to control myself.

“Are you okay?” my dad asked me. He could see that I was shaking.

“I’m fine” I lied. The truth is I wasn’t at all. I had other things – worse things – on my mind. I knew that Matt and Valary would be back together and Sarah probably would have done something with Synyster. She was very persuasive.

The worse thing was that I was late. I kept telling myself that I’d only been sleeping with Matt for a week and couldn’t possibly be pregnant – that was until I remembered that I was due only days after we first had sex in the hotel room.

I got myself into some pretty bad situations at times.

Upon arrival at the church, we walked in and sat down. Everyone was staring at me – I’m guessing they heard about everything.  Some sympathetic eyes stared at me and some in disgust as if to say you stupid little tart.

As the music started and my sister appeared at the top of the isle, everyone started clapping. I felt happy for her, but my face said otherwise. I just wasn’t in the mood for anything right now. With each day, I became more worried about my period.

After the vows were said, we all made our way outside and started to socialise with one another.

“Hello, you!” My auntie Donna exclaimed from across the way.

I waved back as she made her way over to talk to me.

“What’s this I hear from Millie about you having a new boyfriend?” I rolled my eyes – seriously this time. I loved my niece but my God, she could be a loud mouth.

“Well, I don’t so…”

“What happened?”

“I’ll tell you later. It’s…complicated.”

She made an O with her mouth and wrapped her arms around me – embracing me in a friendly hug.

“Come one Charlotte” my mum chirped “we’re going to the reception.” I rolled my eyes again. I just wanted to go back to my apartment and hide.

I trudged my way over to our car and got in.

“Well, wasn’t that lovely?” My mum asked, smiling and evidently very happy.

I mumbled.

“Jealous, are we?” I was shocked by the remark.

“Hell, no.” It wasn’t that I was jealous, I just wanted Matt. But I knew that if he came for me – which I doubted very much – it would take a lot for me to go back to him. I just wanted to know that he felt something.

“Charlotte! How can you not be happy for your sister?” I got annoyed at this point. I was happy for her.

“I’d just feel better if he wasn’t here.”

My mum knew exactly who I meant by “he.”

“Don’t start with this again, Charlotte.”

“Mhmm Whatever.”

We sat in silence for the rest of the car journey.


Once we reached the venue wherein we would be spending the rest of the night, I was, once again, greeted by my aunt – who was plainly eager to find out what had happened.

So, I told her everything.

She just sat, staring at me in shock. “Not again, Charlotte.”

“Yes, again. And what makes it worse is that he’s been cheated on before too. He even said we were kindred spirits. I just don’t know why he would do that. I thought he would at least have the courtesy to leave me first.”

My aunt looked at me with an empathetic gaze.

“Would you go back to him?”

“I don’t know.” I pondered whilst thinking about what could, potentially, be growing inside of me.

“I just think that, if I did, he would have a lot of explaining to do and I’m not sure if I could ever trust him again.” I knew that I had to stop talking before I started crying – my voice was starting to break down.

My aunt grabbed my hand, “come on, let’s not think about men right now and just have some fun.”

I smiled at my auntie Donna as we made our way to the dance floor.

Just then, one of jasmines sisters came up behind me.

“Auntie Donna, can you dance with me?” She asked, needy.

“Erm…not right now.” My aunt flashed an apologetic smile at me.

“She calls you auntie?” I hostility interjected.

I received a cynical look off the girl, before Jasmine came and dragged me away.

“Just let it go over your head. Okay? Dinner will be ready soon – and the speeches and everything and after that, if you don’t want to be here you can leave.” Jasmine said with a disappointed tone.

I shrugged. I wasn’t going to leave – but I wasn’t prepared to tell her that either.

Sure enough, the caterers ushered everyone to their seats.

We made toasts and the speeches were made. I particularly hated Jasmine’s dad’s speech.

It went on about how much he regretted walking out and missing her life but was glad, in a way, because otherwise he wouldn’t have had his two other beautiful daughters. I mean, cut the crap.

When you read about all of the stories in the news about children and parents (who abandoned the children) being reunited and happy you don’t ever think of the family, true to the child, that has been rejected in the side lines. Perhaps I was being spiteful, but I didn’t care.

For the rest of the night, I sat there unresponsive.

I heard a noise coming from my purse and I rushed over to the table where I had left it. I reached into my purse and just missed the call.

On my phone screen it notified me that I had a missed call from someone. As I went to unlock it and find out who it was, my cell phone ran out of battery and died.



So, guys tell me. I want to know... Do you think that she should be pregnant?


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