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"Come on a road trip with me" Calum said while they sat in the kitchen eating leftovers from last night.

"To?" Evan spoke looking up from her plate.

"Let's just drive, I think we both want to see this town in our rear view" Calum replied, continuing to place food in his mouth.

"New town, new colour, with my boy... Sounds good-" Evan stretched her arms towards her hair, ruffling it walking away to the bathroom.

"Give me 3 hours and it's just you, me and the road" she continued, wiggling her hips towards the hall.

"Okay, I think you should do bright orange" Calum shouted to her back, Evan yelled back okay agreeing to his suggestion. She had never done orange before, but she's all for change.

Collecting the dyes in her room she made a concoction, placing bleach in her hair until her blue extracted leaving a yellow tinge, following it with a red dye, leaving it in there for a short time so the orange would come through.

Evans television in the front room turned on, she smiled after hearing Calum scream out the spongebob theme song. She couldn't help but yell 'SpongeBob square pants' in return.

Making her way upstairs, she began to make a bag before having to wash her hair out. This consisted of mainly jeans and loose tops. The comfy kind, followed by her favourite pair of converses and a coat incase.

She quickly went and washed her hair out, which in fact, turned out perfectly, when she was interrupted by a bell at the door, shaking her hair in her towel she made her way to the door (which Calum was too lazy to answer).

"Coming" she huffed while pulling the large door open.

An unwelcome face stood infront of her, and hatred filled her mind as tears filled her eyes.

"I don't think you should be here" Evan said as the person stood twiddling their thumbs.

"Evan please..." The girl begged.

"You shouldn't be here at my door... Tatum" Evan said beginning to close the door.

Tatum stopped her foot at the corner of the door, making Evan push harder, trying to get her out of her way.

"I owe you an apology and I owe you an explanation" Tatum looked up removing her foot and opening the door wider. Look at a wet haired Evan.

"You owe me a life, you owe me so much Tatum, you are simply the worst person in my world, I would like nothing more then you to leave me alone, please" Evan spat at Tatum, squinting her eyes to stop anything bad to come to her mind.

"You had everything Evelyn, the perfect life, the boys, the friends, the looks, you were living the dream. You need to understand it was a mistake, I didn't mean to do it" Tatum exclaimed, slightly raising her voice, to yet drop it again.

"So you thought because I was Happy you could take that away from me? My happiness? My life? You are a cruel person, you took someone's life, and took my mind, you need to start apologising sympathetically, not just trying to make me feel sorry for you, cause I will never" Evan said through tears.

"I'm confessing tomorrow" Tatum said to Evan.

"Good because the world has to know how Tatum Charles single handily ruined life's of people that had so much ahead of them" by this time Evan had thrown the door open and stepped up to Tatum, the only thing that she had wanted to do for the last year. Gain her innocence and a peace of mind.

"Who even are you anymore?" Tatum said.

"I died the same time you put Marnie Miller in the ground, and put it out as my fault-" Evan spat, tears falling from her eyes.

"- you can leave my apartment and never come back because you don't deserve much else but to be forgotten forever" Evan slammed the door and locked it, turning around and backing up onto the wood. She faces a wide eyed and concerned Calum, Evan was so wound up she forgot he was even there.

"What was that about?" He barely whispered.

"How about we getaway?" Evan said pulling her wet hair into a pony and running upstairs to grab her bag, bringing it down coat in arm bag in the other.

"I sure We can take the long way home" Calum said grabbing his keys from the counter and heading towards the door.

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