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Just My Imagination

Amanda MorrisOctober 21st, 2017Los Angeles, California

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Amanda Morris
October 21st, 2017
Los Angeles, California


I smiled seeing Jayson on my feed while scrolling through insta. He plays for the Celtics now and is thriving better than ever. I wish he would've been a part of our son's life though.

But now I have a condo in downtown La with my roommate Gelo. We met during College Last month and both of us needed somewhere to stay that wasn't a Dorm.

Over the last month we've become best friends. I've told him about Jayson and my son and he supports me. "Best frennnn" Gelo busted in my room scaring the hell outta me.

"Geloooo stop doing that" He waved me off and jumped on my bed. "Whatever- how's lil deuce?" Is shrugged my shoulders. "Same old same old"

He groaned rolling back off the bed. I laughed at him and started to scroll through netflix. "How much longer til I can meet my nephew tho?" He yawned walking towards my door.

"2 months... December 6th" I put on Girls Trip. "The day after your birthday?" I nodded proudly. "Yup" I turned off my lamp and he opened the door.

"Night fren" he said, walking out. "Night"


November 16th, 2017


I walked into my parents house seeing them sitting on the couch. "Hey mommy, Dad" I hugged them both before sitting on the couch across from them  "hey baby- you've gotten so big"

I laughed at her facial expression. "Yeah he's supposed to come December 6th" She blinked a couple of times before her and my father looked at eachother.

"The day after your birthday- that's so sweet" I just smiled at her. Whenever I tell someone when deuce is due they always make that connection.

"What do you plan on naming him?" The only person who knew his name was Gelo, so I was kinda nervous about telling my parents.

"Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr.." My voice cracked as I spoke. I held back the few tears I had left. Whenever I mentioned that name, it was on paper or text. So verbally saying the name brought back memories I didn't want to keep.

My dad shook his head, not in a proud way, but more in a disappointed gesture. "Now Amanda my would you give that child that man's name" my mother stood from the couch making me stand as well.

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