Chapter 19

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>> Chapter 19
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This is a very short chapter bc I'm in a hurry and I feel the need to update.




Vikk really has no idea on what Rob was calling him for, it's not like he doubt Rob's action- it's just that it was sudden.

Vikk took the shortcut, which was the rail cart system from the Salty Lagoon to Rob's somewhat rebuilt castle. Let's just say that his design has a story to it and he basically used the right blocks to fit the old medieval castle themed style.

Since majority of the rail tracks were randomly blown up by creepers or even some people just broke it for banter, Vikk didn't use a mine cart and rather use his two own feet to go there by himself. It's not like Rob was rushing him.

<Woofless> where are you?

...Well, speaking of which... Rob was actually rushing him. How unfortunate.
It's not that Vikk is annoyed, it's just that what is Rob calling him for and this time of day?

It took him a mere two minutes or so to go to Rob's place, and to his surprise, Rob wasn't waiting for him at the end of the transportation system. But then again, Rob was seen through the walls with his name tag.

Vikk showed up without calling, but Rob did expect since he did tell Vikk to come to his place and so did the Brit. "So, er, what did you call me here for?" Vikk asked with a raised brow- Rob did interrupted him from his quiet crafting after finding out that his trusty sword was missing.

Rob grinned but didn't say anything at all, well he did open up his Ender chest but all Vikk saw was his own ores and riches while Rob sees colored dyes and some diamonds. But there's something else that was there- Vikk's sword.


flashback to a few chapter back

Rob just pushed the door without any force at all. Rob eyed the place, still the same, but as what Lachlan said earlier, the clang that he heard might probably be Vikk's diamond sword. Seems like he was right.

Rob sighed, picking up the sword and putting it in an Ender Chest, reminding himself to go here at Vikk's place again to give back the sword, just putting it in a random chest might take Vikk forever to find- just look at his chests!

end of flashback


Rob never really went back to Vikk's place to give Vikk back his sword. And since HTM is ending, and at the same time the news of Vikk and Lachlan having a duel is going around, Rob suddenly remembered the sword that was in his Ender Chest a few days back and decided that it was a good and at the same time a bit of a bad timing giving it to Vikk.

Picking up the sword and handing it to Vikk, Rob smiled as he gave his friend a nice pat on the back. "You'll do great."

"M-My sword!" Vikk gasped as he wielded it round making proud poses and swishing sounds as he whoosh it around. "Wh-Where did you found it?"

Rob shrugged and didn't answer. Probably he doesn't want Vikk to remember the time that him and Lachlan fought since that was the moment to when that happened.

Chuckling through the memory and trying to avoid the question, "Nevermind that. You don't need to know..." Rob said, having a sweat drop moment as he nervously chuckled again at the Brit.

Vikk grinned cheekily, "Good thing you called me just in time. I was about to craft a brand new diamond sword for tomorrow."

"Best be for you to get ready for tomorrow, now, do you?" Rob asked, hugging Vikk. "Do good tomorrow, now would you? And don't forget to tell him how you feel..." he smiled, pulling away from the hug, now looking straight onto Vikk.

"You might never know until it's too late."

Vikk stared into space as he heard that from Rob.

'He's right... What if I'm too late for everything...
There's no chance after that...
I need some sort of plan...' Vikk thought.

Vikk shook his head as he went back to reality, "You know what Rob? You're right... I need to stop being such a jag and start doing things right!" he said confidently, gripping his sword.

Rob was happy to hear those dependent strong words from his friend.

"Well, good luck, Vikk!" Rob said, as Vikk started to walk back to his place. "I'll be sure to be here and bring Preston, Jerome, and the others for tomorrow's battle!"

Vikk smiled at that. The more the better. Watch him win. Win Lachlan's heart.
Do any of you smell that? That's the smell of cheese.

Rob decided to join Vikk until to the train tracks. Vikk hopped onto the mine cart and flicked the lever.

"Oh!" Rob suddenly remembered something.

"Don't forget! Lachlan bottoms!!!" he yelled, smiling at Vikk who just did the most scrunched up face ever.

"Ugh Rob!!" Vikk whined with his face turns pink as he took off to the Salty Lagoon.

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