100% Perfect Ch.16

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100% Perfect

Chapter 16

**Poppy’s POV**

            Let’s just say I got out. Security lady was nice, and decided that Mr. Pedo-bear was actually fairly creepy.  I walked away calmly, now following Bailey’s signals. She unfortunately, was very in love with this boy who she’s now glued to. Great. My Converse sneakers scrape against the road as I walk. I’m getting closer now, I can feel it.

“Pops?” Bailey says. 

“Um, yeah?” I say back. 

“Any closer?” 


The sun beat against the back of my Aero top. What? I managed to buy some normal people clothes…and shorts…and flip flops…and a backpack…and a cheeseburger with extra mustard, ketchup, and this wonderful deliciousness called bacon. Yums. Oh, and a Monster drink. My stomach was full and I still had like $1350 dollars left in pot money. I feel successful. 

I walked down a sidewalk, going through a neighborhood. So many houses… I listened in on Bailey’s thoughts, up until I got tired of listening to drama from a T.V. and her gushing about John. Was he really that amazing? No. Probably not. And he is also probably not as amazing as bacon. Which I nommed earlier.  I came up to a house with a huge signal from Bailey, and I heard Gordon and Stephanie as well. You learn to recognize your ‘family’. 

I climbed up stairs and knocked on the door. About a minute later a guy around his twenties came up and opened the door. 

“I don’t want your stupid Girl Scout cookies.” He said, slamming the door in my face. I knocked on the door again.

“Not even the peanut butter ones?” I say.

“No.” He says, but right before the door completely closed I stuck my foot into the gap at my special ninja speed.

“Not what I’m here for.” I say. The look on Mr. Retard’s face dropped. He slammed the door shut, clamping my foot. I moved it. 

            Okay, so he wants to do this the hard way. I scanned around. I could either hop the wooden fence or I could leave it. Or I could just call the cops on my banana phone and tell them that my non-human twin and the rest of my family have been kidnapped, and that we’re wanted. Yup. That works.

“Bailey!” I said silently. Oh the joys of being genetically jacked with.

“Yeah?” She says.

“Where is your beautiful twin-ness?” I say.

“Assuming you’re here. I heard the door shut twice and John’s brother is flipping out. Basement. There’s a little window thing you can probably get through.” She responds.

“’Kay.” I went around back and jumped as high as I could, then grasped the top of the fence and pulled myself over. Years of training finally put to use. I rolled, just to add to the ninja effect. There was a tiny window by the back door, and I could see a cage thing and a small living room nearby. Bailey was on the couch by John.

“Popping the window open.” I say.

“Watch out, Paul and Kent are down here too. Kent has a shotgun aimed up the stairs.” Bailey says. The stairs are on the other side of the basement, facing away from me. Kent’s face was filled with anger for some reason.

“Okey dokey.” I said, pulling at the window of the basement silently. It was really small, just for letting a little bit of light in. It opened easily, and quietly too. I wouldn’t be surprised if a robber came in through here. I crouched down and fixed my ponytail, then I dropped my backpack and hopped in through the window. Not easy, since it wasn’t big. Immediately Kent’s gun was fixated on me. Paul, John, and Bailey turned around from the couches. 

“Drop your weapon.” I say telepathically to the idiot with the gun. His hands were shaking, like he’d never shot it before. He holds the gun, still pointing at my face. Great. I turn to my left and see a nice collection of hunting items. Including a bow and some arrows.

“Who are you?” Kent yells. I run at my top speed to the bow and arrows. I grab it, and like I was trained to do, I was ready to shoot in 4 seconds.

“What are you doing with my family?” I say. The arrow is set to shoot right between his eyes.

“I asked first!” He says.

“I told you there was a fourth one!” Paul yells.

“So you must be the twin.” Kent says. He lowers his gun. The bow is still in my hands, ready to fire. 

“Bailey.” I say, acknowledging her. 

“Poppy.” She says back.

“This is John.” She points to him. I found it pretty self-explanatory since I could hear his thoughts. 

“Hi.” He peeps out.

“Where are Gordon and Stephanie?”

“Here.” They say in sync. I turned to my right to see them standing in the cage.

“What the crap are you doing?” Kent says, aiming the gun at me again.

“Taking my family with me.” I said. 

            Bailey rose from the couch. Kent immediately turned the gun on her and Paul grabbed her arm. 

“You aren’t going anywhere.” He says. John stands up.

“Let her go.” He says.




“Let her and her whole family go. I don’t think they’ll press charges. I’m assuming that if you don’t her sister’s just going to shoot all of us and take ‘em anyway.”

“Smart move.” I said.

“Come on man.” Kent says, lowering his gun.

“We need the money.” Paul says.

“Me and John’s mom need treatment for cancer.”

“I have some money.” I say. 

“How much?” Paul says. His grip is still firm on Bailey’s arm. I pull out the green wad of cash from my pocket. He holds his hands out.

“Give me my family first.” I say. He lets go of Bailey, and she runs to me and hugs me. Then Paul walks over and unlocks the door to the cage. When he’s doing that, I slip two of the bills back into my pocket. We need to eat too. Stephanie and Gordon walk out and hug me.

“I’m so proud of you baby.” Stephanie says. I hand the wad of cash to Paul, and they lead us out the door.

Bailey’s POV

            Kent opened the door. Poppy went out first, followed by Gordon and Stephanie. I lingered for a few seconds.

“Bye Bailey.” John says, pulling me into a hug.

“Thanks for being my friend.” I say. For some reason, tears are stinging at my eyes. This was my kidnapper’s little brother! I walk out the door, and it shuts behind me. At least we aren’t captives anymore.

“I need to get my backpack from the yard.” Poppy says. She hops the fence, then about 20 seconds later she hops back over. She has a backpack, and just then I realized she had on new clean clothes.

“Don’t worry, I got some for you guys too.” She tosses me a cute shirt and some short shorts. I slip out of my tennis shoes and into the flip-flops she’s given me. Changing out the clothes could wait, I prefer not to change in broad daylight where everyone can see me. Poppy gives Gordon and Stephanie their things as well. 

“Okay, well, let’s go.” She says. Where?

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