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✿l u k e✿

I can't even begin to describe how simple texts from Eleanor changed the way I see life now. Our conversations may seem spontaneous and random, but they're heartfelt-just the way Eleanor thinks and acts. She's such a wonderful person, and despite all the boys wanting to be with her (who are more handsome, more talented, more worthy, and just better than me), she devotes her time in talking to me instead. Of course, the way I see myself as a hopeless mute still lingers, but now, I don't think I'm that hopeless anymore.

But there was still a problem: in the two weeks I've spent just texting her, not once did I ever mention my inability to speak. I'm scared that if I do, she'd feel so bad for me that will result into a pity-relationship. And that's worse than her completely abandoning me.

Eleanor has never asked to call me or vice versa, but the thought still scares me to the bone.

<From Eleanor> hey, i think we should hang out some time c:

I think about it. I spend ten minutes weighing out the pros and cons of the situation, and I've concluded that considering my luck, I'd still screw things up if I do or don't tell her about my condition.

With that in mind, I type in a quick reply. I've got nothing to lose anymore.

<To Eleanor> sure. and ive got something to say. Something ive been hiding and the reason why i seem so socially inept and alienate everyone around me

I feel weight on my shoulders the moment I hit send. I could've beaten around the bush, but sooner or later, I'd have to tell her anyway. I sit down and exhale, wishing that somehow the cellular radar got hit by an asteroid, preventing Eleanor from receiving my text. But let's be honest, me alienating her with my revelation will probably be more realistic than that.

<From Eleanor> can i hear this now or wait for you to tell me in person?

<To Eleanor> does Friday sound good to you? If it is, it can wait until then :-)

<From Eleanor> ofc luke. Its safe to say that im anticipating whatever ur about to tell me, but my excitement for our date is completely overweighing that omg

<To Eleanor> yeah, um sure.


✿e l e a n o r✿

"Let me see the text, please," Ashton begs, dropping his ps4 controller and scooting over to where I'm sitting.

I hold my phone up and stick my tongue out.

Ashton furrows his eyebrows. "Did you really just stick your tongue out? What are you, eleven years old?"

My mouth forms an 'o' as I frivolously point to the flat screen television. "SAYS THE GUY WHO'S PLAYING SPONGEBOB!"

Ashton crosses his arms over his chest and retreats back to his spot. "You're a meanie."

"Call me squidward and bite me," I retort.

Ashton laughs and looks at me funnily. "I don't want to risk getting ink all over my shirt, thanks," he says with a wink while dipping his head for effect.

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