Bus Ride

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You're on the bus with your boyfriend, Ansel...

"Ugh," you groan, cradling your head in your hands.
"What's wrong, y/n?" Ansel looks at you worriedly, rubbing your back.
"I feel SO woozy like what even is this? GOD!" You complain, closing your eyes tightly.
"Ummmm I honestly have no idea what to do right now, babe," Ansel says sheepishly.
"It's ok, Ansel. I'm just going to pretend I'm somewhere else-" you pause to reach for his hand. "Just hold my hand."
"Ok, y/n." he rubs small circles into the back of your hand with his thumb, trying to soothe you.
You groan as the bus rocks, making you feel like throwing up. Lowering your head into your arms and holding on to the seat in front of you, you try to focus on something besides the horrific swaying of the bus.
Ansel keeps rubbing circles in your hand. You feel him shift a bit, putting an arm around you in a comforting way.
"Thanks, babe," you mumble, squeezing his hand.
Suddenly, you feel him sweep your hair to the side and place his warm lips on your bare neck.
"What are you?" You start before moaning softly.
"I think this will help you pretend you're somewhere else." you feel Ansel smirk against your skin.
You twist your head, letting him kiss the side of your neck, just below your ear.
"Wait!" You whisper, your eyes shooting open, scanning the bus. No one is looking at you too, and you had chosen to sit in the absolute back, which seemed to have been a lovely choice.
"Nobody is watching," Ansel murmurs, nibbling your ear, making your eyes flutter shut in bliss.
He suddenly stops, and you look at him quizzically, lifting your head to look at him properly. He leans in and his lips meet yours, fitting together perfectly like they were made for each other.
You're still kissing when the bus lurches to a stop.
"We've arrived," Ansel points out, pulling away and looking at you.
As you get off the bus, you speak up.
"You were right, Ansel. That did help me pretend I was somewhere else." You smirk at him, receiving a wide grin in return. Before you know what's happening, he's wrapped his arms around you, sweeping you off your feet and capturing your lips with his again.

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