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I stare up at the stars stuck to the ceiling, they glow in the darkness. It had been years since I stuck them up, I have a vague fuzzy memory of standing on the bed and laughing, there was someone else there but everytime I try to rememeber that persons face it just gets fuzzier, a black cloud covers my memory, I just wish I could rememeber

'Addie? Are you awake?' A small voice whispers from my doorway

'Yeah, come over here' A little figure shuffles over to my bed and sneaks into my bed cuddling up to me

'I couldn't sleep'

'Bad dream?'


'Me too' I pat her tiny head as she snuggles into my chest, she smells of biscuits and soap, her hair tickles my nose as I pull her closer

'Addie, can we go to the zoo tomorrow?'

'I don't know Sof, I have school tomorrow, we'll see'

'Okay' Her breathing starts to even as she falls asleep, her head rests on my chest. I look after my sister a lot, both my parents work late and go out of town a lot, so most of the time its just the two of us.

You know I might as well take her to the zoo, i'm not exactly missing much at school, just another 6 hours of sleeping in various uncomfortable chairs and pretending not to hate everyone, i'm not exactly missing out on anything. Plus all that seems to happen in that school is rumors, you'd think that as someone who only associates with an average of three people per year I'd be able to escape them but somehow they manage to chase me. I think my eyes are the target, they've already changed but I have no idea who my match is, people can call me a slut all they want, but they'll never know the truth.

I twiddle Sofie's hair between my fingers and go back to staring at the stars above me. It's going to be a long night.


'Next we'll see the giraffes and then the elephants and even the flamingos!' We'd been at the zoo for a while, Sofie was dragging me around, her little warm hand clasped in mine

'Okay, but how about we get some lunch first?'

'Okey dokey' she smiled widely, showing off her gappy teeth as we headed for the little restaurant.

We took a seat by a window over looking the park, as I set out our food Sofie stood on her chair to look out. Her little snub nose pressed up against the glass

'Look at the rhinos Addie!'

'Okay Sofia, I think you should sit down and have some food now'

'Uh huh, can you tell me the eye thing again?'

'If you promise to eat all your vegetables'

Sofia gave me a nod as she started to eat

'So everyone in the world has a special person who is perfectly matched to them, they are destined to fall in love. We can spend a very long time looking for them but as soon as you find each other you'll love them forever. When you first look into the eyes of your soul mate something really special happens, something that marks you as theirs and they as yours. Your eyes change color, you see you have two matching eyes up until you meet your true love, so when you find them one of your eyes changes color to match theirs! Now you know you'll love them forever and ever and ever.'

Sofie nods, shes heard the story a hundred times but she never gets tired of it.

'Who is your love Addie? You already have different eyes' I swallow and bite onto my lip

'You see Sof, I met my match a very long time ago, and something happened that I can't remember exactly who they were, but I know that one day we'll find each other again! After all I guess its destiny.' She gives a little nod before getting distracted by another thought running through her mind,

'Can we go see the koalas now?'


'I like their colors!' We were stood in the butterfly room surrounded by hundreds of various butterflies. They would land on our arms and faces, their tiny legs tickling skin. Each perfectly symmetrical, lightly fluttering around us in harmony.

'Look at that one!' Sofie runs off across the room after a little brightly colored bugs, her little legs pump her body across the room, pigtails flying out behind her. I can't held but smile at the sight of her tiny face, caught in wonder at the creatures around her.

I turn my attention back to the tree covered in butterflies in front of me, when there, out of the corner of my eye I see a person watching me. Behind the bushes I see a figure, a boy about my age. The light shines away from his face obscuring his features. I can make out a pair of broad shoulders, and a head of dark hair. My breath catches in my throat, something seems really familiar about the boy, but every time I try to process it my mind goes blank and I get this weird feeling of deja vu. Suddenly a butterfly lands on my nose distracting my view, I swot away the bug but when I look back up the boy has disappeared. I turn my focus back to the butterfly which has found a home on my arm, unlike the other butterflies, one wing shines with a blend of greens and blues, while the other wing is a dark chestnut, just like my eyes, what a coincidence huh.

'Addie' I turned to find Sofia tugging at my sleeve

'Can we go home now?'

'Sure, lets go hun' I tried to shake the memory of the boy but something about him stuck in my mind.

Walking back to the car, picking up groceries, eating dinner, all I could think about was him. Something was intriguing about him, I could tell he had a story waiting to be heard, but I had to shake it off, there was no point in spending the next few days centering my life on this boy that i'd probably never see again. Hours later and I was back where I started that morning, staring at the tiny glow in the dark stars stuck to the ceiling. Thoughts of the boy still echoed around my mind, but I still couldn't figure out who he was. Just something about him, if only I could remember...

I closed my eyes and tried to trick myself into falling asleep, forcing my lungs into the breathing pattern of sleep. As I started to lose contact with reality something hit me, a single letter curved across my mind and the inside of my eyelids, I sat up and whispered it to myself


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