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Chapter 20 - Matt's P.O.V

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“Syn, dude, we have got to prevent Charlotte from finding out that Val never left.”

“How could we have been so naive?”

I shrugged. I didn’t know how we could have been either. I noticed from the corner of my eye that Charlotte and Zacky were engaged in a serious conversation.

She started walking up to the top of the car park and I started to run towards her.

“Where are you going?” I shouted nervously, hoping that she wouldn’t accidently run into Valary – I didn’t know where she currently was.

“Someone is here to see me” she replied. I felt a wave of dread pass over me. Oh God, what if it was Valary?

“Who?” I shouted, but instead of replying she just sped up before disappearing from my sight.

Just then, Valary called my name from a room behind the stage area.

I ran over to her. “What the fuck are you doing? I told you to stay out of Charlotte’s way.” At least I knew that Charlotte wasn’t on her way to a run-in with Valary.

“I’m not in her way. Her parents and her sister are here for some reason – if you ask me they are way too protective.”

“What are her parents doing here?”

“I don’t know.”

“You know, I haven’t even asked what you’re doing here.” I questioned Val’s motives.

Valary stared at me flatly before giggling menacingly. She grabbed my arm and led me away to a small room out the back of the stage.

“I can’t stay away from you. Matthew Charles Sanders, you are mine, not hers.”

“Well, that baby isn’t mine. And since you guys come as a package now, you are no longer mine.”

She narrowed her eyes at me.

“Matt we’ve known each other since sixth grade. I can tell when you don’t mean something.”

“I do mean it, as much as it pains me. I loved you and you hurt me. I love Charlotte now, please don’t ruin this.”

“Matt, you know me too well to know that every chance I get, I will try and break you up.”

“Then you mustn’t love me really.” My comment clearly confused her at this point.

“Yes, I do.”

“No because if you did then you’d want me to be happy regardless of if we are together.”

“No, Matt” Valary whispered before leaning in to kiss me.

I recognised the warmth and feel of her lips immediately. Part of me wanted to return the kiss, but the other part couldn’t stop thinking about Charlotte. I pushed Valary off me to find that Charlotte had been watching us.

She ran out of the room and I called after her. She wasn’t meant to see this – I didn’t love or want to kiss Valary. But she had completely misinterpreted it.

Evidently crying, she ran further up the car park as I followed her. She got into someone’s car – presumably her parents – and they drove off.

I stopped running and buried my face in my hands.

She was gone.

I immediately grabbed my phone and called her – unsurprisingly she did not answer.

I ran over to the guys – who had witnessed all of this – and urged for Jenna to call her.

She reluctantly agreed.

“Charlotte, if you’ll stop offending me long enough to listen, you have got everything wrong and need to let Matt explain everything-” Charlotte had hung up the phone on Jenna.

By this time, Valary had come over to where we were standing and asked innocently “what’s going on?”

“You know exactly what is going on, you bitch!” Jenna exclaimed before launching herself on Valary.

Although I hated Val right now, I knew I had to restrain Jenna before she hurt the baby.

As I peeled her off of Valary, she screamed “what the fuck are you doing?” at me.

I looked at her before breaking down in tears.  She wrapped her arms around me.

“I need to get her back!” I stated as I looked at the guys. I noticed that I security guard was escorting Valary off the premises.

“But Matt, we’re still on tour. You can’t just go to Toronto.”

“Yeah, Synyster is right.” Sarah interjected. “I know Charlotte and she really needs some time to calm down. You only have a week left on tour – so you should focus on that and then go to Toronto. You’ll be surprised at how understanding Charlotte can be if you give her some time.”

“Yes, Sarah’s right. You should.” Jenna added. “And if you leave her for a week then she will most likely be even more eager to see you.”

“You think?” I asked helplessly.

“I know.” Jenna replied comfortingly.

“And when we go back to Toronto, I doubt she’ll be speaking to us so don’t worry – we won’t tell her what is going to happen.” I nodded.

“Well, we best be off then.” Sarah chirped, or at least tried to.

They gave us all hugs before collecting their bags and getting in Sarah’s car, driving out of the car park and into the distance.

Johnny patted me on the back. “Matt, don’t worry. You’ll get her back.”

“But what if I don’t?”

“Well, then, you’ll see that you’re relationship wasn’t supposed to happen. If she’s meant to be yours, someday she will be. And if not, that’s okay, because when you do find the right person they will make you feel even better than Charlotte ever could.”

“So, are you saying I should give up on her?”

“No, still go after her – but realise that it’s not the end of the world if things don’t work out.”

I nodded and retreated back to my room. I noticed Charlotte’s bag in the corner and fell onto the bed.

What was I going to do?

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